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  • The Google Ads Agency Fort Lauderdale

Boost Your Customer Base and Sales with Advanced Google Ads

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence, we rapidly connect your business with high-quality customers, enhancing your growth and success.

UnitedAds is Google Premium Partner 2023.

  • The Google Ads Agency

More customer contacts and sales with Google AI

We at UnitedAds are proud to be one of the best Google Ads Agencies in Fort Lauderdale.

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We use your data exclusively in accordance with our privacy policy.

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Why Google Ads and AI?

“By harnessing precise data and implementing a meticulously crafted strategy, you can unlock the full potential of Artificial Intelligence.

This approach empowers our clients with a sustained competitive edge, ensuring lasting success in their respective markets”.

Philip Thomisch
COO & Head of SEA

Unrivaled Expertise Meets Cutting-Edge AI

Customized Strategies for Enhanced Customer Engagement and Profitability

Lead generation

Generate more customer contacts than ever before

More Online Sales

Catapult sales in your online store to new heights

More Offline Sales

Generate more frequency and sales in the store

Create awareness

Improve awareness and reach new target groups


Use more signals and better conversions

Grow internationally

Grow internationally with Google Ads

Stop click fraud

We reduce fraudulent clicks on your ads

Google CSS

20% less CPC on Google Shopping


Become a Google Ads professional yourself

  • Google Premium Partner Fort Lauderdale

We are Google Premium Partner

UnitedAds is a Google Premium Partner.

Choose a Google Ads Agency with a Proven Track Record of Excellence, as Continuously Verified by Google.

Google Partner
  • No long Contracts

  • No Setup Fees

  • Ready for launch in 48h

The fastest way to successful Google Ads campaigns

Book your no-obligation consultation now and let us show you how we can implement Google Ads campaigns for your company.

  • Generate qualified leads


Leads are vital for every business.

At UnitedAds, our priority is cultivating qualified leads that directly translate into sales.

While others grapple with steep click costs and limited conversions, we excel in securing high-caliber leads and acquiring new customers for you.

  • Turn traffic into sales


Boost your online sales and broaden your international presence using our expert e-commerce tactics.

Convert site visitors into devoted clients with our AI-driven sales methodologies and tools.

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CSS PremierPartner 2024
  • Google CSS Premium Partner

We are Google Shopping Premium Partner

UnitedAds is Google Shopping Premium Partner.

With our Google CSS you save up to 20% on your CPC on Google Ads.

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  • Google Ads


  • Google Ads for
    offline Sales
  • Up to 15 percent more
    Store visits for Medimax
  • More in store frequency
    through measurement of store visits
  • Google Ads


  • More Sales with
    Google shopping
  • 20% CPC Savings
    with UnitedAds CSS
  • Greater ROI
    through e-commerce tracking
  • Google Ads


  • Internationalization
    with Google Ads
  • More brand awareness
    with display ads
  • Higher efficiency
    with remarketing
  • Google Ads


  • Lead generation with
    Google Ads
  • Lead generation with
    Youtube campaigns
  • High international
  • More store sales


Enhance your marketing strategy and boost physical store visits with our precision-targeted advertising solutions. Our approach places your ads in the ideal locations, ensuring visibility to the right audience at the optimal time.

Utilize the robust capabilities of Google Ads to expand your influence, captivate new clientele, and significantly uplift your in-store retail sales.

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  • Sell worldwide


Elevate your global market presence and broaden your international customer base with our meticulously crafted advertising campaigns. These ads are strategically placed to ensure maximum impact, appearing precisely where and when they’re most effective.

Leverage the extensive capabilities of Google Ads to extend your reach far and wide, drawing in a diverse array of new customers and significantly boosting your international commerce sales.

  • More app installs with Google Ads


Boost your app’s visibility and attract a larger, more engaged user base with the strategic use of Google Ads.

Begin your journey today to capitalize on an effective advertising approach, designed to maximize your app’s success. This strategy aims to substantially elevate your app’s download figures, translating into increased usage and popularity.

  • Brand building with Google Ads


Elevate your brand’s recognition using Google Ads to reach a wide audience effectively.

Craft and present appealing advertisements to captivate your target market, thereby significantly boosting awareness of your company and products on a sustainable basis.

  • Local marketing with Google Ads


Enhance your Google Ads experience with our expert Measurement & Analytics solutions. Track crucial performance indicators, uncover potential opportunities, and optimize your advertising expenditure for maximum efficiency.

Initiate your journey towards more informed, data-driven business decisions by starting now. This approach empowers you to make strategic moves based on solid data insights.

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  • Limitless potential


Discover the limitless possibilities of the Google Marketing Platform!

Seamlessly connect your marketing efforts, leverage powerful tools for targeted advertising, and reach customers across multiple channels to take your business success to the next level.

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Google Ads Works Better Than Ever

“Through power of generative AI, there are almost unlimited possibilities to optimize Google Ads campaigns.”

Google Ads Expert at UnitedAds

Grace ist Google Ads Expertin bei UnitedAds
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  • Win new customers

More leads, more customers, more sales

Now is the ideal time to consult with us if you want to boost your sales via the Google Ads marketing channel.

Our team of certified and seasoned Google Ads Agency professionals will meticulously structure your account and manage your campaigns, ensuring precise targeting of your desired audience. The outcome: an increase in customers, leads, and sales.

  • Marketing with ROI

Profitable growth with Google Ads

Optimize your entire sales funnel to its fullest potential.

Our Google Ads Agency Team Fort Lauderdale is dedicated to identifying strategies that will propel your growth further. We focus on a continuous cycle of improvement, guaranteeing you reap the maximum benefits from every advertising dollar spent.

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  • Real partnership

Your success is our success

Select UnitedAds as your Google Ads Agency Partner and embark on a journey of true collaboration that will drive the success of your Google Ads campaigns.

Together, we’ll craft bespoke solutions meticulously designed to align with your specific needs.

  • Perfect Google Ads campaigns

Full service,
Maximum performance

We’re Committed to Full-Scale Excellence. Our dedication lies in elevating your Google Ads campaigns to a top-tier sales conduit.

We firmly believe that our methodology will fundamentally change how you view the transformative power of a skilled Google Ads Agency on your business.

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  • Optimal Google Ads strategy

Get Conversions Instead of Chaos

In most Google Ads accounts, chaos reigns, not conversion. As your Google Ads Agency, we are changing exactly that.

We deliver the complete package of strategy, data and creativity to dominate the Google Ads landscape.

  • Google Shopping with AI

Google Ads Agency For Online Shops

We excel in boosting the visibility of your products on Google, a highly potent sales channel for online stores and e-commerce ventures in the B2C domain. Leverage our proficiency, refined across hundreds of triumphant campaigns, to amplify your online store’s presence.

Boasting over ten years of experience, we’ve mastered the art of strategizing, initiating, and fine-tuning successful Google Ads campaigns for e-commerce retailers.

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  • B2B with Google Ads

Google Ads Agency for B2B Companies

Google Ads is often undervalued in B2B marketing.

Our expertise lies in strategizing, initiating, and refining international B2B Google Ads campaigns. Leverage our wealth of experience, garnered from hundreds of successful B2B Google Ads campaigns, to benefit your company.

  • With AI against fraudsters

Combat Google Ads Click Fraud with AI

Google Ads click fraud wastes up to 20% of your Google Ads budget. Competitors and bots can click on your ads and waste your advertising budget.

With our Google Ads click fraud protection software, we exclude illegitimate IPs and block fraudulent clicks.

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  • Sell everywhere

Local and global expertise

Uncover Your Customer Base, From Local to Global

Whether you’re a local business aiming to connect with nearby customers or a global enterprise pursuing worldwide reach, our Google Ads Agency excels in both arenas. We’re adept at crafting customized strategies that align precisely with your unique needs.

  • State of the art technology

AI-driven campaigns

Leverage Artificial Intelligence for Precise and Efficient Campaigns.

Our approach incorporates artificial intelligence to run campaigns with greater accuracy and efficiency. This involves predicting customer behavior, implementing granular-level targeting, and automating bidding strategies to optimize results.

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  • More campaign performance

Precise Targeting of Specific Audiences

As your Google Ads Agency, we excel in reaching the ideal customers for your business while minimizing any wastage.

Our skillful use of targeting allows us to precisely focus your ads based on location, interests, behaviors, and various demographic factors, ensuring they effectively reach your intended audience.

  • Keep the overview

Insightful Analysis

As your Google Ads Agency, we are committed to delivering comprehensive evaluations, ensuring you have a crystal-clear understanding of your campaign’s performance.

Our detailed analyses empower you to make informed decisions for your future advertising strategies. We simplify complex data, guiding you to extract valuable insights and actionable conclusions from your campaign results.

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  • Unlimited possibilities

Creative Variety

Step into the world of dynamic advertising with UnitedAds as your Google Ads Agency, where we bring your message to life in a myriad of captivating formats.

Imagine your brand story unfolding through engaging display ads, or the emotional resonance of your message amplified in a beautifully crafted video ad.

  • More growth thanks to AI

Flexibility and Scalability

Unlock the full potential of your business with UnitedAds Google Ads Agency, where flexibility meets your aspirations.

Picture a world where your campaigns are not just set up but are continually evolving, perfectly aligned with your ever-changing goals. This is the key to steady, unstoppable business growth.

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  • Tracking solutions from UnitedAds

Conversion Tracking Setup

Maximize your business performance with our specialized conversion tracking setup! Seamlessly navigate your customers’ digital buying process for targeted optimization.

Jump into the era of data-driven decision making with us and increase your ROI starting today.

  • Optimal display performance

Google Ads A/B Testing

Our targeted A/B testing identifies the most effective ad variations, enhancing your campaigns’ success continuously.

Uncover the top-performing keywords, ads, and audiences to elevate your campaigns to new heights.

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  • The best way to success

Continuous Optimization of Your Campaigns

Our Google Ads service extends beyond just campaign creation. We engage in persistent monitoring and optimization of your ads, guaranteeing optimal success.

Embracing a data-driven methodology, we consistently refine your campaigns, seizing new opportunities and mitigating any emerging weaknesses.

  • Personal care

Teams of Experts for Your Success

Our team of Google Ads experts is committed to delivering top-tier service and extensive knowledge, ensuring your online advertising objectives are met with excellence.

Each team member contributes unique expertise, working together to make your project a triumph and providing you with unparalleled support.

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  • Fair and transparent costs

Transparent & Fair Pricing

Our service features straightforward and transparent pricing, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the costs involved and the services provided.

We guarantee no hidden fees, offering a fair and easy-to-understand pricing structure for complete cost transparency.

  • Successful for over 15 years

Over 15 years Experience

UnitedAds stands as a leading and highly experienced Google Ads Agency, with over 15 years of expertise in helping businesses boost their growth through Google Ads.

Our goal is to cultivate long-term partnerships, dedicating ourselves to relentlessly enhance your success.

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  • Our know-how for you

Expertise in various industries

Our Google Ads agency boasts expertise across multiple industries, allowing us to provide tailored solutions specific to your business field.

This varied experience equips us to recognize unique challenges and adapt successful strategies from other sectors to meet your specific needs.

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Why UnitedAds?

Leveraging extensive experience and expertise, along with smart technology and meticulous attention to detail, we assist our clients in generating more leads and increasing sales through the world’s largest marketing platform: Google Ads.

Alex Sperber
CEO UnitedAds GmbH

Start now with Google Ads

World Class Google Ads Management

  • Free potential analysis for your company

  • Development of the Google Ads strategy

  • Intensive keyword research

  • Creation and testing of advertisements

  • Selection and adaptation of the bid strategies

  • Conversion tracking and modeling

  • Continuous reporting with Data Studio

  • and much more!

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More than 80% of our customers improve the performance of their Google Ads account by more than 25% in their first three months.

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