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  • Google Ads Awareness

Achieve more brand awareness with Google

From insider tip to top brand with Google Ads.

Use the power of Google Ads to bring your brand to the forefront, enter new markets, and establish yourself as a leader in your industry.

Your advantages with UnitedAds

Google Premium Partner

Work with a Google Premium Partner

Maximum transparency

We explain everything we do in your Google Ads account

No long runtimes

No long contracts or minimum terms

Your account stays with you

Generate more revenue with high-quality conversions with Google Ads

Launch within 48h

Be where your customers are and increase sales and reach

Personal contact

We show you exactly what revenue opportunities are possible for you with Google Ads

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  • Quick visibility

Your company immediately in the spotlight

Google Ads allows you to place your ads instantly.

Your brand will thus quickly gain more attention and presence without having to rely on long-term strategies. Ideal for campaigns that need to achieve results quickly.

  • Google Premium Partner

We are Google Premium Partner

UnitedAds is Google Premium Partner.

Work with a Google Ads agency whose continuous outstanding performance is confirmed by Google.

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The fastest way to more brand awareness

Book your no-obligation consultation now and let us show you how we can implement efficient branding for your company.

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  • Targeted reach

Bull’s eye instead of wasted coverage

With Google Ads, you reach exactly the people who are looking for your products or services. Precise targeting options allow you to address your target group directly.

In this way, every advertising euro is used optimally and wastage is minimized.

  • Transparency and control

Achieve measurable results

Monitoring the success of your campaigns is simple and transparent. You can always track how many people have seen your ads and what actions resulted from them.

This enables continuous optimization of your strategies.

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  • Google Ads Lead Generation


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  • 20% CPC Savings
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  • Greater ROI
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  • Controlled budget

You have control

You set your own budget and have complete control over your spending.

You only pay when someone sees or clicks on your ad, which makes the cost manageable. In this way, you can achieve visible success even with limited resources.

  • Flexibility and adaptability

Respond to market changes

Displays can be changed and customized in real time.

Respond to market changes and keep your campaigns up to date. This way you remain agile and can react to trends and changes.

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  • Best prospects for your business

Conquer more market share with us

In the Google Disply network, you can acquire new customers very quickly.

We help you reach the people who are in your target group – at every stage of the customer journey.

  • Global reach

Conquer new markets

With Google Ads you can advertise not only locally, but worldwide. Expand your business and make your brand known internationally.

This makes it much easier to enter the market in new regions.

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  • Conversion Tracking

Conversions instead of chaos

In most Google Ads accounts, chaos reigns, not conversion. As your Google Ads agency, we are changing exactly that.

We deliver the complete package of strategy, data and creativity to dominate the Google ads. While your competitors continue to fret about high click prices and too few conversions, you generate new customers.

More awareness for your company

Our proven strategies and customized solutions are specifically designed to reach your target audience and convert potential customers into real prospects.

Google Ads Awareness FAQs

How can I optimize my Google Ads for maximum awareness?

Um die Awareness zu maximieren, sollte man verschiedene Anzeigenformate und -inhalte testen, um herauszufinden, was bei der Zielgruppe am besten ankommt. Es empfiehlt sich auch, die Anzeigentargeting-Optionen regelmäßig anzupassen, um sicherzustellen, dass die richtige Zielgruppe erreicht wird.

Eine ständige Überwachung und Optimierung der Kampagnen anhand der Leistungsdaten sorgt für eine effiziente Ausnutzung des Budgets und eine höhere Markenpräsenz.

How do I measure the success of my Google Ads campaigns in terms of awareness?

Die Messung der Markenbekanntheit mit Google Ads kann über verschiedene Metriken erfolgen, darunter die Anzahl der Impressionen, Klicks und die Interaktionsrate.

Zudem bieten Brand Lift-Studien die Möglichkeit, direkt den Anstieg des Markenbewusstseins und die Erinnerung an die Anzeige zu messen. Integration mit Google Analytics kann zusätzlich detaillierte Einblicke in das Nutzerverhalten und die Customer Journey geben.

How can Google Ads effectively increase brand awareness?

Google Ads ermöglicht es Unternehmen, gezielt Anzeigen in der Google-Suche und auf Partnerwebsites zu schalten.

Dank präziser Targeting-Optionen kann man genau die gewünschte Zielgruppe ansprechen und somit das Bewusstsein für die Marke oder das Produkt erhöhen.

Durch verschiedene Anzeigenformate wie Text, Video oder Display kann die Botschaft vielfältig und ansprechend präsentiert werden.

Weltklasse Awareness Kampagnen



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    Quick wins for more awareness

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    Google Premium Partner

  • 3

    Full transparency

  • 4

    No long runtimes

  • 5

    Account stays with you

  • 6

    Personal contact

  • 7

    Monthly feedback

  • 8

    Start within 48h

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  • Diverse ad formats

Creativity without limits

Whether text ads, display banners or video ads – Google Ads offers various ways to creatively present your message.

Take advantage of the variety to uniquely present your brand.

  • More competitiveness

Make it big

Even with a smaller budget, you can be visible alongside big brands.

Through clever bidding and targeting, even a small company can make it big. Use the level playing field effect to your advantage.

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