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  • Google Local Inventory Ads

Maximize your online & offline sales
Realize your full growth potential

With Local Inventory Ads, both online and offline sales become scalable and profitable.

We help you realize your full growth potential.

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Detailed forecasts

We show you exactly which sales opportunities are possible for you with SEA


Increased sales

Generate more revenue with high-quality conversions using Google Ads

  • Local Inventory Ads

Connect with buyers everywhere

More and more customers are using digital search to store at stores near them. In fact, searches for “shopping near me” have increased threefold in the last two years.

Reach these consumers with local inventory displays. This way, nearby buyers know what you have in stock and you can get more sales in your physical store.

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  • Promote your inventory

Show customers what you have in stock

Nearly half of all shoppers worldwide say that before they go to the store, they check to see if the product they want is in stock. When you use Local Inventay Ads, you are telling these potential customers that you have just that in stock. Always exactly when they want to buy it.

We already have over 1 million listings associated with physical store locations around the world.

For more online & offline sales!


With our experience of 15 years of work on the Google platform, we also want to help you market your business on successfully.

Drive your digital marketing with us and win more customers than ever before!

World Class Google Ads Management


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  • Quick actions to increase customer acquisition & generate more revenue

  • We bring you more traffic, customers & sales

  • Rising on-site sales

  • Detailed & transparent monthly reporting

  • Personal contact

We will get back to you immediately

  • More turnover in your store

The boost for your store sales

Whether your customers are looking for what you sell online or in the real world, you can reach them in both places. Add the “store visits” objective to your Smart Shopping campaigns to optimize for both online conversions and in-store purchases.

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  • Higher in-store sales

The starting signal for exponential growth

Being found online to drive offline sales is now a basic requirement for any successful brick-and-mortar retailer. Customers often search for deals when they are on the go and check if the product they want is immediately available. The customer is more impatient today than ever before.

Multi-channel retailers should leverage this feature to be there for the shopper at the right moment. Use the opportunity to reach customers online so they buy from you offline.

  • Local Inventory Ads Measure Success

Track where your sales come from

With Google Analytics integration, you can easily track the impact Local Inventory Ads have on your store sales. We help you keep track of your online as well as offline sales.

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  • Targeted customer approach with Local Inventory Ads

Show your products to buyers nearby

Highlight your local inventory and important business information in Google Search, where hundreds of millions of people conduct shopping-related searches every day.

Shoppers use Google Images to get inspiration for their purchases. Now you can also attract the attention of customers in your area who are looking for products like yours.

Maximize your offline sales now with UnitedAds

  • Full Service Local Inventory Ads Agency

Everything you need in one place

We help you maximize your on-site sales using Local Inventory Ads and optimize online sales.

We are convinced that we can help you as an agency to advance entrepreneurially and positively influence your success.

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  • Local Inventory Ads Audit

More conversions, less chaos

Most Google accounts are all over the place instead of having conversions dominate the account. We can help you change just that.

We provide you with strategy, data and the creativity to get the most out of your campaigns. While your competitors are still fretting over their own mess, we are already generating high-quality leads and new customers for you.

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