Order Google Analytics 4 Setup

1. basic package

This package is ideal if you initially only want to collect all data completely and use basic functions of Google Analytics 4.

What is included?

  • Create the property
  • Setup Data Stream
  • Conversion tracking (1 conversion)
  • Link Search Console
  • Link Merchant Center
  • Linking the target projects

2. premium package

This package is perfect for analyzing different target projects and performing advanced analysis.

Also, you get 10 audience segments to improve the performance of your Google Ads campaigns.

What is included?
like basic package


  • Conversion tracking (5 conversions)
  • Traffic Channel – Report
  • Landing Page – Report
  • Geography – Report
  • Devices -report
  • E-commerce – Report

3. enterprise package

This package is perfect for implementing custom analytics.

What is included?
like Premium Package


  • 3 exploratory analyses by arrangement


Google Tag Manager is required for all packages.

If you do not have Google Tag Manager installed, please also select “Install Google Tag Manager”.