Nowadays it is more important than ever to be found online as a craft business. More and more people are using Internet search to find products and service providers that meet their problems and needs.

For this reason, SMEs such as craftsmen in particular should also rely on their own websites in order to meet the demands of customers and respond to their needs.

A good website for the craftsman’s business with convincing and valuable information is the key to winning new orders online and convincing customers.

Four good reasons for optimizing your own craftsman website

Reason 1 – Professionalism of the craftsman company

A well-structured and informative website of a craft business looks professional and makes a good impression on potential clients. And that is exactly the impression you want to leave with your customers.

Showing your customers that you are the expert in your field and that you handle projects professionally creates trust in the service you offer. With a good website, you convince people to become a customer.

Reason 2 – Digitization of the craft business

With your own craftsman website, you can also drive the digitization of your own business. For example, communication can be digitized with the help of offer forms and other contact options.

Frequently asked questions sections can also help customers answer many of them in advance and don’t just get in touch about trivia.

This eliminates the need for lengthy phone calls, and customers can conveniently submit inquiries via the website and find important answers to their questions in advance.

Reason 3 – Long-term value for the company

A website is something that exists for a long time. The initial costs invested in it are therefore extremely low over the lifetime of a website.

Especially if you continuously expand and optimize them, the expenses pay off quickly. The ongoing cost of optimizing your own website is less than putting your money into other big advertising efforts.

In addition, you can see the success of the optimization and track exactly what works well and what does not. This is not the case with traditional marketing efforts such as flyers, brochures, radio ads, etc.

Reason 4 – Rising sales

If your own website is always among the first search results, it will be seen by many potential customers who are looking for exactly the service you offer.

This brings more potential clients to the website, who are more likely to choose their own business.

If the website and the operation are convincing, you also generate more sales with the additional orders won through it.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Work & operation look more professional

  • Reinforces confidence in own work & demonstrates competence

  • The needs of customers are met

  • Is a long-term & effective investment in your own company

  • Gain new customers & clients

Why a good website is a real competitive advantage as a craftsman

According to the German Federal Statistical Office, around 38% of German companies still do not have their own website, missing out on many valuable customers. The proportion without is particularly high among small and medium-sized enterprises, which also include many craft enterprises.

Accordingly, many of their own competitors probably don’t even have their own website and rely on being recommended or still being found in the phone book. However, this is no longer really up to date and reaches fewer and fewer customers over time.

That’s why it’s extremely worthwhile now to invest in your own website for your craft business. Here you can achieve great success even with simple means and thus end up ahead of your competitors in the search.

With a really good website as a unique selling point, you can therefore clearly distinguish yourself from the competition and snatch important orders away from them. Especially when competitors’ websites offer only the most necessary information such as contact details and opening hours, the potential for your own website is huge.

Present your services and areas of expertise

Clearly and concisely describe the services and areas of expertise in which your craft business specializes. Potential clients should be able to tell at first glance what kind of work you offer.

Present your expertise as a craftsman

It sounds so simple, but many find it difficult to present their expertise online. In doing so, you can reach many more potential clients with the apt content on your own website and turn them into paying customers.

If you offer potential clients information that helps them to get to know the company and its work, they build trust in the company and its work better.

However, this is not about information such as opening hours, address, contact details or contact persons. These are nevertheless important and should always be found quickly.

It’s more about demonstrating your expertise on your craft. This confirms to potential customers that you are the most suitable craftsman for the job and that you really know your work. If customers trust the work of a craftsman’s company, this leads to full order books.

It’s even better to offer customers content on your own website that is directly relevant to them. For example, in addition to providing expertise on the various window models and installation, window installers can directly inform clients that there are financial subsidies they can apply for to modernize their own windows.

If you offer your customers not only valuable information that underpins the company’s competence, but is also helpful to them, you will convince customers of your company in the long term.

With the right mix of content on your own craftsman website, you can target customers more effectively and offer them added value. This leads to being remembered. In this way, potential customers are more likely to later choose the company that offers the most added value in addition to its work and has remained in their memory.

Create more awareness with good content

If you want to win new customers, they first have to know that your own craft business is an option for the planned order. The broad masses do their research online before using a service.

Younger generations in particular are turning to search as a source of information. In this way, a pre-selection is made as to which service providers should be considered at all. Therefore, it is immensely important to be found at the moment when potential clients are searching for and learning about your craft or related topics.

This is exactly when search engine optimization comes into play. Search engine optimization is important for a website to be found through search in the first place. The primary objective is to find out what potential customers looking for the services offered actually type into the search engine.

These so-called keywords should then also be integrated in the right places on the website for the craftsman’s business in order to be among the first search results. If you appear particularly frequently in the search results for relevant search queries, this radiates competence and reinforces trust in the company.

For example, someone who wants to modernize the windows in his house, first looks for how much, approximately, the modernization will cost for the number of windows in his house. Then, he may wonder which windows are best for his purposes and whether they are also available in an attractive and suitable design. Only then does he look for someone to get those windows from and actually install them for him.

If you have already answered all open questions in the best possible way with your own website about your craft and have accompanied the potential customer as far as possible in his search for information, the probability that he will decide in favor of your own company is high.

References and customer reviews

Display testimonials and customer reviews on your website to gain the trust of potential customers. Positive feedback and referrals can be helpful when deciding on your services.

Use photos or videos

Present a photo gallery on your website with images of your completed projects to give potential clients a glimpse of your work and demonstrate your skills

Use a contact form

Integrate an easy-to-use contact form on your website so visitors can quickly and conveniently send an inquiry or message.

Update your content regularly

Keep your website updated with current content on a regular basis to keep visitors interested and coming back. For example, add blog posts, project updates, or seasonal offers.

Use SEO for craftsmen websites

Make sure your website is optimized for search engines so that it can be found better in search results. Use relevant keywords, meta descriptions and structured data to improve your online visibility.

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