Consider these Google Ads tools and best practices.

Explore insights and emerging trends based on your business using the Insights page

Deep dive into each trend to understand searches that are on the rise and locations where demand is growing fastest. You can also review and apply keyword, budget, and bidding recommendations in just a few clicks.

Understand how different segments of users interact with your website using Google Analytics Insights

Get automated answers to questions like: “How many visitors to my site converted from my holiday ad campaign?” and “How many new users have I acquired in the last week?”

Determine the best budget allocation across your accounts and campaigns using Performance Planner

You can also forecast how changes to your Search and Shopping campaigns may impact performance.

Visualize meaningful patterns and trends in your performance data using predefined reports in Report Editor

Then, identify opportunities in your campaigns using more detailed reports like “Auction insights” or “Extensions.” Or, if you want to analyze and present data exactly how you’d like, you can create custom reports in Report Editor.