We all know why in-house teams can be a good option. It’s ultimately easier to work with someone sitting at the other end of the table than in a different location. In addition, the in-house solution is usually the more cost-effective solution, especially for larger companies with large accounts.

So in-house SEA teams can make a lot of sense. Why outsourcing to a Google Ads or SEA agency can still be better? In this post, we find out.

Many companies manage their Google Ads accounts and PPC campaigns themselves. In this context, cooperation with a specialized Google Ads agency can be the decisive competitive advantage.

Read 5 reasons why outsourcing to a
Google Ads Agency
makes sense.

A good agency gets more out of your Google Ads account

Most companies don’t have the resources to deal with all the details of a well-managed Google Ads account. While an in-house solution can certainly achieve a positive ROI as well, they typically achieve far better results with a good agency.

There are two main reasons for this:

Reason #1

Even for larger companies, hiring experienced specialists can be a challenge. Even larger Google Ads accounts are rarely a full-time job. This means that the SEA Account Manager may or must work on other topics. Typically, he is then still responsible for Facebook Ads or search engine optimization.

In terms of pure campaign management, that will often be feasible in terms of time. However, these three online marketing channels already require such different skills and ways of working that it’s hard to be top in all three disciplines.

Reason #2

Top campaigns emerge only after you have implemented a variety of strategies and ideas in different contexts. E.g. smart bidding vs. manual control or rather long-tail campaigns vs. the fullistic approach. Within a company, it is practically impossible to permanently implement completely different strategies.

A Google Ads Manager in an agency will always have different clients with very different approaches. While an agency employee will never share information with other clients, he or she will naturally use the expertise gained for the benefit of all clients.

In this respect, an agency brings a much broader perspective and a “breath of fresh air” to its clients’ campaigns.

Focus on your business

The setup and management of Google Ads campaigns can be complex and very time-consuming. This is especially true if you need to get into the details first, or if you need to make a lot of changes to keywords, bids, and ad copy on a regular basis.

Particularly with large or very dynamic portfolios of offerings, such as in e-commerce, the know-how and experience of a good agency makes a positive difference. A good Google Ads agency will professionally optimize your campaigns and summarize all changes and results in a helpful report for you.

This allows them to concentrate fully on their business.

Let experts manage your campaigns

They or one of their employees can probably get into the basics of Google Ads and other PPC platforms. There are enough resources on Google, on YouTube and also here on the blog. But for top campaigns, they also need experience and comparison with other Google Ads campaigns. Make sure their agency is Google Partner and Google Ads certified. So use the expertise of the pros to scale your business.

A whole team at your disposal

A good agency has experts in all PPC disciplines. These experts work together to achieve the best for customers in each area. A team of experts can learn from each other and find the most suitable supervisor for a task.

A typical problem of in-house created Google Ads campaigns is faulty conversion tracking. Often, marketing departments don’t take the time to work out conversion modeling that really makes sense. Or the customization and insertion of the tracking code is incorrect. As a result, inconsistent conversion tracking then almost always leads to campaigns that perform less well.

A good Google Ads agency employs specialists who ensure complete and error-free conversion tracking.

More tools and resources

As a Google Ads Premium agency, we have direct access to Google employees, we use the best tools for continuous optimization of client campaigns. Every day we are engaged in improving our clients’ campaigns. We know that for many of our clients, a lot of revenue depends on the performance of Google Ads accounts. That’s why we continuously invest in account manager training and the best tools available on the market.

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