Project Description

With the PHALLOSAN forte, Swiss Sana develops and sells the world’s only patented orthopedic belt system with new, revolutionary vacuum protector technology, which can help men achieve a new level of confidence and a better quality of life.

Worldwide sales

The company is pursuing ambitious goals: worldwide, exponential, profitable growth with an ambitious return on investment.

This poses two major challenges. On the one hand, it was important to identify the right international markets, and on the other hand, you had to adapt quickly and flexibly to local conditions and different user behavior.

For example, it quickly became apparent that one had to choose a customer approach in Japan than in the USA.

Data-driven marketing

As a consulting Google Ads agency, UnitedAds initially used the Google Market Finder to find the most promising markets worldwide. Other markets followed and their potential was also assessed using the Market Finder.

In order to optimally adapt the consumer approach to the respective markets and to be able to target potential customers with the right message, the start-up relies on automation in online marketing.

Data-driven marketing is used to identify the most valuable customers for the company and quickly grow the customer base.

The result

The Phallosan has built up a loyal customer base in over 20 countries, increased sales considerably and there is no end in sight.