Project Description

Like many advertisers, Scharmotte-Shop was faced with the challenge that the management of its Google Ads campaigns was becoming more and more complex: Different product categories, target groups and objectives had led to an ever-increasing number of campaigns. Therefore, the company decided to convert its paid search marketing strategy together with UnitedAds to a fully automated approach – with the aim of using the budget more efficiently and being able to react quickly to changes.

The starting point

Scharmotte-Shop sells a large part of its products directly to customers. The data situation is correspondingly good: sales can be assigned via the company’s own web shop.

An ideal starting point for automated campaigns: ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) was set as the target. The advertising expenditures are optimized directly to the sales generated by them.

The new campaigns

The existing campaign setup had grown over a long period of time and was quite complex: Scharmotte-Shop has an extensive product range. That is why the company was active with several dozen Google Ads campaigns, but they did not work together in a coordinated manner.

In close cooperation with UnitedAds, a model was developed with which these manual campaigns were converted into fully automated campaigns. For this purpose, campaigns were divided into subject areas, a focus was set on generic keywords and responsive search ads were added to the setup.

When an automated campaign starts, the algorithm goes through a “learning phase” in which the system collects signals and optimizes itself. At Scharmotte-Shop, this phase lasted almost 4 weeks: After that, the new setup was around 400% more successful than the previous approach, compared to the same period of the previous year.