Project Description

Aesthetic surgery faces strong competition in a highly competitive market. With the help of machine learning, the company has expanded automation and improved attribution. The result: the general search network campaigns brought in more patients.

The goals

  1. Encourage more customers to book direct via the company’s website
  2. More sophisticated digital marketing
  3. For general search campaigns, improve competitiveness in auctions to get more bookings

The approach

  1. Cross-channel and cross-device attribution with the beta version of Google Attribution
  2. Analysis of the assigned real value of general campaigns
  3. Automatic bid settings based on target ROAS to respond to data in real time

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The results

  1. Revenue generated by general search campaigns increased 45%.
  2. Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) for general search campaigns improved by 22%.
  3. Investments in general search campaigns and strong revenue growth increased total revenue from all channels over the period.