Project Description

Creating data-driven marketing on the Google platform

First of all, it was important to bundle the decisive know-how and create appropriate communication structures. This meant a close cooperation of Medimax, UnitedAds and Google in many workshops, project groups and trainings.

Internally, the cooperation of the marketing department with other departments, especially the purchasing department and the markets was pushed. A way of thinking that takes data into account as a central element of decision-making was established in the internal training of employees.

The marketing tools have been radically simplified: individual, external bidding and analysis tools have been replaced by Google’s full stack (Search Ads, Google Analytics and Google Optimize). Now decisions are made based on data from a central data platform in the company.

In order to map, understand and react in real time to the complete customer journey of each individual customer, smart bidding was used in combination with Data Driven Attribution (DDA). A segmentation of customers using a holistic audience strategy helped to achieve this. This combination of Audiences, DDA and Smart Bidding allows thousands of signals to be interpreted in real time – enabling the right user to be addressed at the right time.

Smart Bidding enables fully automated, data-driven creation and management of marketing activities with maximum efficiency.

The switch to the Google Full Stack has released enormous potential at Medimax. Medimax has been able to achieve remarkable performance improvements with this approach: Both ROAS and sales across all Google channels increased massively.

Local campaigns also noticeably increased the frequency in the approximately 120 Medimax markets.

What previously took time to maintain tools or platforms was replaced by automated solutions. This allows Medimax to concentrate on customer-centric marketing and sales-enhancing measures.

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