Project Description

Buying a car is not an impulse purchase. On the contrary: for a good 85 percent of buyers, the road to a new car begins with online research on brands and models. Given the fierce competition in the German automotive industry, it is therefore of crucial importance for car dealers to pick up interested consumers in the digital channels they prefer – and to show them the way to the right vehicle.

The Mercedes-Benz dealer uses Google Ads for online marketing in order to generate conversions as easily and efficiently as possible. In order to adapt to the market, Auto Grill is always looking for new ways to reach customers faster, more effectively and more cost-efficiently – and to get them to visit the website to start a vehicle configuration or to request a test drive. Both are crucial intermediate steps on the way to buying a car.

Successful campaign thanks to individual target groups

Based on special target group settings such as in-market audiences and custom intent, UnitedAds plays the campaigns for Auto Grill targeted to users who are about to buy a car. And with the help of remarketing, users who have previously visited the retailer’s website are addressed.