Project Description

Six different subject-specific topics were carried out in German and English in free online training courses.
Different time zones were taken into account. The advertising period ran from July 1, 2020 to September 26, 2020 inclusive.

The aim of the advertising measures was to increase traffic on the national and international registration pages. In addition, pre-qualified target groups interested in the events should be reached. As a result, the campaigns ensured low-cost acquisition of qualified leads.

Campaign setup

After a joint analysis, the Google Display Network and YouTube were identified as suitable advertising networks. Due to the linguistic orientation of the events and landing pages (German and English), four different campaigns were initially planned and created: One display network campaign each in German and English and one YouTube campaign each in German and English.

All German-language campaigns were aimed at users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All English-language campaigns were designed for global orientation, insofar as this was possible within the framework of the Google Display Network (see restrictions e.g. China, Iran, etc.

In order to reach the most qualified users possible, campaign targeting was used, which was largely based on existing remarketing audiences. In this way, users who had already visited the website could primarily be reached. A total of 48 remarketing lists based on user characteristics (such as topics visited, click depth, length of visit and time period) were used.

In addition, various ad groups based on keywords (topics) and placements (industry-specific websites) were delivered.

At the bidding strategy level, the display network mainly used the smart bidding strategy “maximize clicks” (maximum reach thanks to low click prices). A maximum CPV (cost per view) of € 0.15 was used on YouTube.

The ads

A total of 126 different advertisements were created and served. Image and video material was provided by LESER itself. Design, texts and extensions were added by UnitedAds and based on the landing pages.

An existing advertising video for the LESER Training Break was prepared as an advertisement on YouTube. This was delivered in the In-Stream format (before and after YouTube videos, skippable) and Discovery (in the YouTube search results).

The responsive display ad format was used in the Google Display Network. Each event date was assigned its own image for better identification. The dates of the training breaks were shown in each advertisement. Each appointment therefore required its own advertisements in two languages.

The results

Overall, the LESER Training Break Google Ads campaigns achieved over 14,600,000 impressions worldwide and led to 248,310 clicks on the landing pages. The click rate (CTR) as an indicator of relevance and interest in the ads was extremely high for the display networks area with an average of 1.7%. The same was true of the engagement KPIs on YouTube: in both the discovery and in-stream formats, around 10% of users watched the video ad until the end. In the DACH campaign, this value was even 15% on average