Project Description

With Smart Bidding to more clients

Unitedads uses automated bid control with Google Smart Bidding technology for the firm. Based on high-performance machine learning algorithms and a wide range of context signals, Google Smart Bidding enables the conversion probability of each individual bid to be automatically maximized. UnitedAds uses Google Smart Bidding on 80% of its ongoing search campaigns with the aim of increasing their return on ad spend (ROAS) and thus their overall effectiveness.

The goals

  1. Get more clients to contact you directly via the company website
  2. More sophisticated digital marketing
  3. In general search network campaigns, improve competitiveness in auctions to win more mandates

The approach

  1. Cross-channel and cross-device attribution with Google Attribution
  2. Analysis of the assigned real value of general campaigns
  3. Automatic bid settings based on target ROAS to respond to data in real time

The results

  1. Revenue generated by general search campaigns increased 45%.
  2. Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) for general search campaigns improved by 22%.
  3. Investments in general search campaigns and strong revenue growth increased total revenue from all channels over the period.

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