Project Description

One of the greatest advantages of smart shopping campaigns is the ability to automatically process millions of user data. This enables the company to address the right customers in a targeted manner, to simplify campaign management, to increase the conversion value and to increase the reach of the campaign.

ETC Shop also wanted to use this advantage.

The strategy

Together with the Google Ads agency UnitedAds, ETC Shop revised its digital marketing strategy. Smart, fully automated campaigns are now being used to increase the number of conversions in a scalable, efficient manner and to reduce the cost-per-conversion.

It combines standard shopping ads with automatic bidding based on millions of data. This makes it possible to precisely determine which target group is most likely to make a purchase. Then the appropriate bid is set to reach this specific target group in the search and display network as well as on YouTube.

The results

ETC Shop exceeded the goals that the company had set for itself with smart shopping campaigns. A total of 45 percent more conversions were achieved, while the cost-per-conversion was reduced by 38 percent.

Thanks to these results, the company was able to significantly increase sales and ROAS (return on advertising spend).

The future

The switch to fully automated campaigns is also reflected in user behavior: customers now spend more time on the company’s website, which in turn has a positive effect on online sales figures. Thanks to automation, ETC Shop is able to address the right target group, assert itself in the market and effectively counteract customer fluctuation. Due to the great success with smart shopping campaigns, the company is planning further investments in automation solutions from Google Ads.

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