Project Description

Paying, accounting, analyzing and controlling business trips can be complicated and time-consuming in day-to-day business. With AirPlus, over 50,000 customers worldwide have the entire business travel process under control.

The goals

  1. All employees should have access to high-quality, consistent, and up-to-date data in a format that they can easily understand and use to make decisions
  2. Agreement on universal metrics to measure campaign and product performance and quick response to market demand
  3. Regular use of digital data to identify problems, risks and opportunities across the company

The approach

  1. Google Analytics implementation with properties and data views for 15 countries
  2. Tag management with the Google Tag Manager
  3. Establishing KPIs for marketing and product performance
  4. Design and development of the Data Studio dashboard for visualization of performance and decision making for strategic marketing

The results

  1. Routine use of the custom dashboard for monitoring and decision making by employees in 5 countries
  2. Regular cross-team data analysis to identify problems, risks and opportunities
  3. Faster identification and resolution of below average KPIs