How do B2B companies manage to get a good placement in Google search results? First of all, it’s important to understand how your target audience searches on Google (or other search engines).

Because the seekers usually know their own problem – but usually they do not yet know the solution to it and certainly not the providers of those solutions. That means, in order to do really good SEO with content, you have to know the problems of your target group.

You have to optimize your content and answer relevant questions from your users to these problems and the corresponding answers.

But above all: google your keyword and look at the search results. In this way you can also determine the search intention of the users and know how to structure your content. You can also read in well-ranking articles which related keywords, phrases and topics you also need to cover in your content. In the past, Google’s Keyword Planner was often recommended as a free alternative. Today we can no longer do that with a clear conscience. The results that Google Ads gives out are just too vague. If you want to do SEO sustainably and successfully, you cannot avoid investing in an SEO tool.