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is on everyone’s lips – but what is actually behind this program that is shaking up the world of e-commerce? In this blog post, we dive into the exciting history and background of the Google CSS Partner Program.

The birth of the Google CSS Partner Program

The story of the Google CSS Partner Program begins in 2017. At that time, the European Commission imposed a record fine on Google for competition violations related to Google Shopping. The Commission considered that Google had exploited its dominant position by favoring its own price comparison service in search results.

To address the competitive concerns, Google launched the CSS Partner Program. It allows independent price comparison portals to place advertisements on behalf of online retailers. This has increased competition in Google Shopping results and given consumers more choices.

The EU and Google Shopping: The accusation

The EU Competition Commission found that Google had abused its dominant position by favoring its own price comparison service, Google Shopping, in its search results. In practice, this meant that when a consumer did a Google search for a product, Google Shopping results were placed prominently and at the top of the page, while competing price comparison services were disadvantaged in the search results.

This, the Commission argued, constituted a violation of EU antitrust law because it restricted competition in the market for price comparison services and deprived consumers of the benefits of genuine competition.

The Google CSS Partner Program in response

In response to the EU Commission’s ruling, Google introduced the CSS Partner Program. This program allows independent price comparison services (CSS) to advertise their merchants on the Google Shopping platform. So by introducing this program, Google has taken steps to increase competition on the platform and meet the demands of the EU Commission.

This means that CSS partners can now place their products on an equal footing with Google Shopping offers in the search results. This has led to greater diversity and more competition on the platform, which ultimately benefits consumers.

The role of Google CSS Partners

Google CSS partners have become an important pillar in the Google Shopping ecosystem. Their mission is to help online retailers list their products on Google Shopping and improve their online visibility. In doing so, they play a critical role in improving competition and consumer choice.

CSS partners not only provide an interface between online stores and Google Shopping, but also additional services such as product feed optimization and bidding strategies. This helps online retailers to make their Google Shopping campaigns more effective and achieve better results.

The advantages of the Google CSS Partner Program

The Google CSS Partner Program has created a win-win situation for all parties involved. Online retailers benefit from increased visibility and improved campaign performance. Consumers benefit from more choices in Google Shopping results. And Google CSS partners benefit from the opportunity to offer their services to a wider audience.


The Google CSS Partner Program is a shining example of how challenges can be turned into opportunities. It has transformed the Google Shopping ecosystem into a more dynamic and competitive landscape. It has opened the door for more innovation and opportunity in the e-commerce space

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