In 2020, people around the globe benefited from digital services more than ever. Internet usage has increased by 60 percent. E-commerce across the European Union has seen double-digit percentage growth since last year. Search queries for the phrase „how to shop online“ have increased by 200 percent worldwide.

Retailers are trying to adapt and meet changing customer demands amid the challenges posed by the pandemic. At UnitedAds, we care deeply about helping retailers and providing our users with the most relevant information when they are looking for products. This sector alone accounts for more than nine percent of jobs in the European Union and will play a crucial role in economic development.

An important part of our work for retailers are: Comparison Shopping Services (CSSs). These are websites that help retailers showcase their products online. They collect product offers from online retailers, display them to buyers and forward prospective customers directly to the retailers‘ websites to shop there.

As part of our efforts to support and empower the entire retail ecosystem, we’ve also expanded our Comparison Shopping Services offering. Our free resources and tools available through the CSS program will assist you in various areas of your business, including:

Large-scale retailer inventory management

Comprehensive assistance in optimizing the performance of your Shopping ads

A customized online platform from Google with current training, market data and tips for product optimization.

The program currently supports 700 active participants representing tens of thousands of retailers. Within our CSS program we have a Comparison Shopping Partners program that offers certified CSS access to additional benefits. This includes working directly with Google experts on one of the most advanced technical topics related to Shopping Ads.

Dealers see the value of these initiatives across the region. For example, An Alcazar, a popular brand, was looking for a partner to help them improve their performance marketing. UnitedAds and Ana Alcazar jointly scaled shopping ads with smart bidding and other advanced features. In combination with UnitedAd’s own product feed optimization tool, Ana Alcazar achieved a significant increase in online sales within the spending targets.

We know that technology can help retailers reach a broader customer base as customers increasingly browse and buy online. Google is committed to continuing to invest in the retail industry through the CSS program and other tools and products designed specifically for retailers. We want to help the industry adapt, grow and thrive with relevant ads that bring them closer to their customers.