Automation is here to stay

Not so long ago, brands were clamoring to get some of that performance agency “secret sauce.” But today there are any number of tools available that make it easier for brands to take charge of their own digital advertising, including search. As a result, some performance agencies might be struggling to find new ways to add value to client relationships. This raises a tough question: With so many challenges to overcome, is it possible for the performance agency model to survive and thrive?

While there’s no doubt that the marketing and advertising landscape has changed significantly over the past decade, the agencies that are thriving in this hypercompetitive environment are those that don’t shy away from their problems. Instead, they embrace these challenges as new opportunities to grow, adapt, and change.

Automation and machine learning are here to stay. And savvy performance agencies aren’t ignoring technology. Instead they are finding ways to embrace it. These technologies can help performance agencies the same way they help every other businesses: by efficiently managing general and mundane tasks so agencies and their clients can focus on strategic activities that drive the business forward.

Agencies willing to lean into automation are more likely to thrive in the current marketing environment. These agencies will be able to maintain a competitive edge by focusing their attention where clients need it, like data strategy, insights, and the consumer experience. By moving away from manual operations, they’ll free up more time to expand existing client relationships, go after new clients, and develop additional services that aren’t wholly dependent on media spend to drive profits.

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