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How to find the right Google Ads agency

die richtige google ads agentur

The use of
Google Ads
can be extremely beneficial for businesses to increase their visibility, attract new customers and increase sales. However, effective use of the Google Ads platform requires specific know-how and experience. This is where a Google Ads agency comes in. A professional agency can help you realize the full potential of Google Ads and run more successful advertising campaigns.

But how do you find the right
Google Ads agency
that meets your requirements and goals? In this blog post, we will provide you with valuable tips and information to help you choose the ideal Google Ads agency. Learn what to look for, what questions to ask, and what criteria are important in making a decision.

Working with an experienced and knowledgeable Google Ads agency can make a significant difference in your advertising campaigns. You can benefit from their expertise, strategy development and ongoing optimization. Read on to learn how to find the right Google Ads agency and achieve your advertising goals.

Google and agencies

With Google Ads you can increase the success of your business. However, many companies do not have the time or resources to set up and regularly maintain a successful Google Ads account.

This is where Google Ads Partner Agencies come in. Google Partners have passed the Google Ads certification exams, manage a minimum budget, and work in compliance with Google Ads best practices.

Your cooperation with a Google Ads agency

With AdWords you can increase the success of your business. However, many companies do not have the time or resources to set up and regularly maintain a successful AdWords account. However, you may simply want support from an AdWords expert.

This is where Google Partner Agencies come in. Google Partners have passed the AdWords certification exams, manage a minimum budget of €7,500 in 90 days, and work in compliance with AdWords best practices.

10 tips for the right agency

1. be choosy

Hire a certified Google partner. Google Partner Search allows you to verify a company’s certification and search for certified partners. When choosing, pay attention to the contract period, among other things. Other criteria for choosing the right third-party partner:

  • Has the agency worked with companies in your industry before?
  • Does the agency have experience with companies with similar budgets and target groups?
  • What other services that will help grow your business can the agency provide in addition to AdWords? E.g. conversion optimization with Google Analytics.

2. select only one agency

Thinking of splitting your budget between several diest providers to see which one gets the best results? No problem, go ahead and do that, but test the agencies one by one. Google always places at most one ad for a company on a search results page. It is therefore difficult to test several agencies at the same time.

3. expand your AdWords knowledge

Acquiring expert knowledge about AdWords is very time-consuming, but the basics can be learned quickly. Using your basic AdWords knowledge, you can make more informed decisions with your partner.

4. build on experience

Hire an agency that already manages numerous AdWords accounts. Experienced providers are likely to have the necessary experience.

5. check your performance.

Unless you focus on branding with your campaigns, the return on investment of your AdWords advertising is the most important aspect. After all, what matters to you is how many new customers you can attract with it. So take some time on a regular basis to determine how much you are investing and what results you are getting from those investments.

6. google ads as a core competence

As the topics of AdWords management & Adwords optimization have become increasingly complex over the years, it is important that the agency has built up a high level of expertise in this area. Therefore, AdWords management should be part of the agency’s core competencies and not offered as an additional service.

7. transparency

A good Google Ads agency will discuss the procedures and strategies to set up the account or improve performance in an initial consultation. AdWords management and optimization is not a secret science, but ultimately the consistent implementation of consistent strategies and a meticulous approach with a lot of attention to detail. At least on request, the Adwords agency should be able to present plausible solutions and strategies.

8. questions you should ask your Google Ads agency

What conversion types does the AdWords agency measure?

Consistent conversion tracking is one of the critical foundations for successful AdWords campaigns. Therefore, as a potential client, you should definitely ask in advance how the Adwords agency measures conversion.

What experience does the AdWords agency have in your industry or similar industries?

Of course, it is advantageous for both the client if the AdWords agency already has extensive experience in the client’s industry.

9. account setup and data sovereignty

A reputable Google Ads agency will always create a separate account for each client. This ensures that the customer can take their data with them if they change Google Ads agencies or want to manage the campaigns themselves.

10. settlement

A good and reputable Google Ads agency will always clearly distinguish between agency costs and advertising costs.

When you should become alert

The vast majority of Google Ads agencies do a good job. However, there are some signals that can indicate an agency’s shoddy practices.

No disclosure of information on costs and performance of AdWords campaigns: You have the right to be informed at least about the number of clicks and impressions as well as the costs of your AdWords advertising.

Guarantee ad placements, either in a specific advertising channel or in a specific position: A specific ad position on Google search results pages can never be guaranteed. The AdWords ad position is determined in an auction and changes dynamically with each new search. There are some third party providers that will only charge you if they achieve a desired ad placement. Providers that guarantee a specific position (e.g., the top position in every search with your keyword) misrepresent how AdWords works.

Claim to belong to Google: Ask the person for their name and ask them to email you at their Google email address (ending in “@google.com”). If you are still unsure, forward the email to the address listed above.

Constant pestering to persuade you to cooperate: you and you alone can remove your business from natural or organic Google search results.

Non-transparent pricing: the agency does not adhere to the agreed advertising budget. Make sure you get a written copy of your agreement.

Claim that AdWords affects your ad rank in organic or natural search results: AdWords advertising does not affect your ad rank in organic or natural search results. The two systems are completely independent of each other.

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