Artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly established itself in almost every marketing platform in order to increase the effectiveness of campaigns. Online marketers are expected to make data-driven, informed decisions to optimize their campaigns and ultimately business results. The Google advertising universe, consisting of Google Ads, Google Analytics, YouTube and Android, is also rich in AI applications.

Despite the ubiquitous presence of AI in theory, in practice the question often remains as to how the potential of AI can be used in practice. In this checklist, we explain which Google advertising products use AI, how it supports you and what steps you need to take to maximize your marketing success with the help of AI.

Once you have defined your marketing goals and aligned them with your business priorities, we recommend that you consider the following steps to optimize your marketing with Google AI:

6 measures to bring AI into your campaigns

  • Implement reliable tagging with Google Tag

    Set up comprehensive website tagging to collect important data. Advertisers in the European Economic Area and the UK can also use the consent mode to effectively manage user consents.

    How to strengthen your analytics strategy with high-quality data collected with user consent to help Google AI optimize ROI and business results. Directly collected data is particularly valuable as it comes directly from your customer relationships.

  • Use advanced conversions

    Significantly increase the accuracy of your conversion analysis by using advanced conversions. This advanced technology allows you to capture a more comprehensive and accurate picture of customer interactions.

  • Linking conversions with business goals

    To make your marketing strategies more effective, it is crucial to link conversions directly to your business goals. This means that you assign specific values to each conversion based on key business parameters such as sales, profit margins or customer lifetime value.

    This link allows you to determine which types of conversions have the greatest value for your company. This could be a purchase, a registration, a download or another important action that contributes directly to business success.

    Assign monetary values to conversions that correspond to the actual or estimated revenue they generate. This helps you to measure the direct contribution of your marketing activities to company turnover.

    Consider not only the turnover, but also the profit margins of sales generated by conversions. This allows you to focus campaigns on products or services with higher margins.

    Estimate the customer lifetime value (CLV) of a customer gained through a conversion. This helps you to develop long-term strategies aimed at acquiring and retaining high-value customers.

    By assigning business values to your conversions, you can calculate and optimize the return on investment (ROI) of your campaigns more precisely.

  • Use customer matching effectively: Reach and reactivate potential customers on Google platforms

    Customer matching is a powerful tool that allows you to target your existing and potential customers on various Google platforms.

    By comparing your customer data with users on Google platforms, you can reach and reactivate relevant target groups more effectively.

  • Use value-based smart bidding efficiently: Maximize ROI through targeted use of your budget

    Value-based smart bidding is an advanced strategy in automated bid management that allows you to use your advertising budget more effectively by focusing it on the most profitable conversions.

    Determine the desired ROAS you want to achieve with your campaigns. Value-based smart bidding automatically adjusts your bids to achieve this goal by setting higher bids for potentially more valuable conversions.

  • Combination of AI-supported search campaigns and Performance Max campaigns

    Combining AI-powered search campaigns with broadly matching keywords and Performance Max campaigns provides a powerful strategy to maximize your visibility and conversions across the full spectrum of Google products.

    By using broadly matching keywords, you can ensure that your ads are also displayed for search queries that do not exactly match your defined keywords, but are still relevant. This increases the reach of your campaigns.

    Performance Max is a new campaign format from Google that uses machine learning to optimize your ads across all Google platforms – from Google Search to YouTube to Google Shopping and more.

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