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Felicitas has been working at UnitedAds GmbH since October 2021. In her current role as SEO Team Lead, she coordinates the SEO team and is responsible for developing comprehensive SEO strategies for clients.

Since 2020, she has been deeply engaged with topics related to search engine optimization and digital marketing.

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Initial situation

Wellness-Stars.de, a leading platform for wellness hotels and resorts, was faced with the challenge of improving its online presence and visibility in search engines.

The website suffered from a low average position in the search results (rank 78) and did not generate enough organic traffic.


The main objective was to significantly increase visibility in search engines, improve the average position in search results and increase organic traffic.

Implemented SEO measures

Technical optimizations

  • Improve loading times by optimizing images and using caching.
  • Mobile optimization for an improved user experience on mobile devices.
  • Implementation of structured data for better indexing by search engines.

Content optimization

  • Creation of high-quality, target group-specific content that is tailored to relevant keywords.
  • Revision of existing content to increase its relevance and readability.
  • Strategic internal linking to strengthen the website architecture.

Off-page SEO

  • Building qualitative backlinks through guest posts and cooperations.
  • Active presence and engagement in social media to increase brand awareness.


215% increase in organic traffic

The most obvious success of the SEO measures was the massive increase in organic traffic. Within a year of implementing the SEO strategy, organic traffic increased by an impressive 215%. This increase led to a higher number of users on the website, a longer dwell time and increased interaction with the content and booking options on offer. The increase in traffic made a major contribution to achieving the business objectives and significantly improved the overall performance of the website.

Wellness Stars

Improvement in average position from 78 to 9

Another significant success was the improvement in the average position in Google search results. Before the SEO measures were implemented, Wellness-Stars.de ranked 78th on average. This position improved dramatically to 9th place during the optimization process. This change meant significantly higher visibility in search engines, which in turn led to an increased click-through rate and more organic visits. This significant improvement in rankings is a clear sign of the effectiveness of the SEO strategies implemented.

Wellness Stars Position

670% increase in visibility

The overall visibility of the website increased by an impressive 670%. This increase manifested itself in increased brand awareness and customer loyalty. Thanks to the improved visibility in search engines and the increased presence in relevant online media, Wellness-Stars.de reached a significantly larger target group. This increased visibility not only led to more website visits, but also to an increased perception of the brand in the market, which contributes to a stronger market position in the long term.

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