As organizer of the SEO seminar in Berlin, which took place on 02. and 03 March 2023, we would like to thank all participants for two eventful and instructive days. UnitedAds Academy is proud to contribute to the education and growth of the online marketing community.

Seminar schedule and participant profiles

The seminar started at 10:00 am on the first day and ended at 5:30 pm on the second day. It was an intensive course designed for both beginners and advanced participants. Our participants came from different industries, which made the exchange of experiences and best practices even more interesting.

SEO expertise: Alex Sperber as speaker

Alex Sperber, an experienced SEO expert, guided the participants through the world of search engine optimization. He shared the latest trends, techniques and best practices in the SEO industry and showed how to improve companies’ online presence. For example, he explained how to research and analyze keywords to select the right ones for a website. In addition, he showed how to optimize technical SEO aspects such as crawling and indexing to improve a website’s visibility to search engines.

Current SEO topics

Another key topic was the importance of content marketing for successful SEO strategies. Participants learned how to create high-quality content that is appealing to both their target audience and search engines. For example, Alex Sperber demonstrated how to write effective headlines and meta descriptions to capture user interest and increase click-through rates.

Focus on exercises and individual feedback

In addition to the theoretical basics, our instructor placed great emphasis on practical exercises in which the participants could directly apply their newly acquired knowledge. For example, they analyzed their own websites in terms of on-page and off-page SEO factors and received individual feedback from Alex Sperber, who gave them valuable tips and advice.

Further SEO seminars in Munich, Berlin and Stuttgart

The SEO seminar in Berlin was a complete success and we are happy about the positive feedback of the participants. Many of them stated that they were able to benefit from the content taught in the course and will implement it directly in their everyday work.

We would like to thank all participants once again. We are already looking forward to the upcoming seminars in Munich , Berlin and Stuttgart. If you would also like to attend one of our SEO seminars, you can find more information and registration options on our website at

Thank you for your interest and your trust in the UnitedAds Academy. We hope to see you soon at one of our seminars!


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