UnitedAds is a premium partner within the Google Partners program.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized for the great work the entire Google Ads team has done over the past year.

But what I’m most excited about is that we can now deliver even better insights, strategies and services to our customers. Google’s strong support helps us to fully exploit all the potentials of the Google Ads platform.

And early access to beta versions is not bad either”

Philip Thomisch, Head of SEA, UnitedAds

UnitedAds offers marketing on the Google platform for companies ranging from start-ups to DAX corporations. With a team of Google Ads experts, we competently cover all Google Ads advertising formats.

This month Google recognized the achievements of successful online marketing agencies around the world by awarding them Premium Partner status under its new
Google Partners program

The advantages for our customers

  • Work with a top agency

    The good feeling of working with one of the best Google Ads agencies in Germany.

  • Comprehensive Google Ads support

    Get comprehensive Google Ads support and access to new product resources to set your business up for success.

  • More information on user behavior

    You get access to better user behavior statistics that make it easier for you to make informed business decisions and optimize your Google Ads campaigns in a targeted way.

  • Beta versions of products

    You get access to beta versions to benefit from the latest technology at an early stage.

  • Current product training

    Our Google Ads experts receive additional training to develop even better Google Ads campaigns for our clients.

The new Google Partners program has been extensively optimized. Advanced Requirements as well as new benefits for Premium Partnersthat drive business growth and success with Google Ads are redefining Premium Partner status.

“Congratulations to our Premium Partners – the top 3% of Google Partners in Germany.. These companies excel at developing product expertise, building new customer relationships and supporting the growth of their existing customers.

We look forward to helping them make their customers’ online activities a success.”

Davang Shah, Senior Director Google Ads Marketing, Google

UnitedAds thus belongs to a group of selected premium partners of the Google Partners program. This program is for advertising agencies and third-party vendors who manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other companies.

The goal of the program is to provide Google Ads agencies with innovative tools, resources and support to help their clients successfully build their online businesses.

“I’m proud of the entire SEA team for once again doing great work for our clients.

My thanks also go to our customers, who followed our ideas and strategies and, last but not least, provided the budget to make the campaigns a success.

The team at Google has given us great support on our way to becoming a Google Premium Partner.”

Alex Sperber, CEO, UnitedAds
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