Project Description

Online trade in the consumer electronics sector is highly competitive. Various providers vie for the favor of users and try to address them as precisely as possible. Medimax has always understood that data-driven marketing means an immense competitive advantage.

By correctly interpreting and activating extensive data sets, customers can be addressed in a more targeted manner and particularly profitable sales can be initiated. The Medimax marketing team had therefore long been thinking of testing the fully automated bid control via Google Smart Bidding in selected campaigns in order to be able to correctly assess the potential for the electronics retailer.

With the expanded automation based on additional Google signals through Smart Bidding, the marketing team expected better results on the one hand, and on the other hand the company wanted to get to know the possibilities of Google’s Smart Bidding better. An A / B test should clarify how much potential there is in the change in bid management.

The goals

  • Better alignment of campaign management with profitable orders
  • Improving advertising return with a focus on profit rather than sales

The measures

  • Test of Google’s Smart Bidding in combination with Medimax’s own data compared to rule-based bid control
  • Use of imported conversions instead of standard conversion tracking
  • Import of result values from Medimax’s own data-driven attribution model

The results

  • The new bid strategy generated a 44 percent higher conversion rate
  • Smart bidding increased profit by 26 percent compared to conventional control