Project Description

Over 130,000 produced safety valves and more than 950 employees make LESER GmbH & Co. KG to Europe’s largest manufacturer of industrial safety valves. LESER is one of the world’s leading suppliers of spring-loaded and pilot-controlled valves, for example in the chemical, gas and oil industries as well as in food, heating and air conditioning technology.

UnitedAds already helped LESER in Germany to implement an efficient SEA strategy via Google Ads. The main task here was to concentrate the paid traffic via search engines on customers and service providers in the industrial sector. At the beginning of 2020 LESER opened a new office in the USA. As part of the digital market development, several Google Ads campaigns were planned and coordinated in the greater area of the states of Texas and Louisiana.

Internationalization with Google Ads and Bing Ads

  • Worldwide Google Ads and Bing campaigns
  • Regionally adapted and optimized advertising material
  • Optimizing bid strategies with smart bidding

Over 200% more leads through the website

  • Greatly increased visibility in all countries, especially USA
  • Significantly more leads through the website

Worldwide branding

  • Over 1 million impressions were generated in the target group via YouTube
  • In total, a 4-digit number of leads was generated via display campaigns

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