Project Description

The workload of the marketing team should be reduced and the business goals should continue to be achieved. The seminars are advertised with smart search campaigns using automatic bid settings.

During the setup, the team set campaign goals and bids and defined service groups as well as negative keywords.

As the administrative effort for the new campaign was reduced to a minimum, the team was able to devote more time to the target group and mobile strategy and also improve the most important metrics.

With this new approach, the company achieved more bookings and more impressions. In addition, the costs fell by 26 percent. Compared to before, the team has improved the ROAS by a total of over 85 percent.

The goals

  1. Increase the number of bookings
  2. Optimize cost-per-click (CPC) in a time-saving way and with little effort
  3. Achieve the best possible return on advertising spend (ROAS)

The approach

  1. Search campaigns with Smart Bidding used
  2. Campaign goals and bids defined, product groups and negative keywords defined
  3. B2B target groups used

The results

  1. More bookings
  2. More impressions
  3. 28% less costs
  4. ROAS increased by 85%
  5. Time previously invested in manual bidding is used for strategy development