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Dennis Franz

Head of Marketing Solutions
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We’ve Reimagined Web Analytics With Google

No Setup Fee

At UnitedAds you pay no setup fee for your Google Ads campaigns.

No Risk

Not satisfied? Unlikely. But if you are, you can always quit without any ifs and buts.

Save 20% on every click

With meaningful dashboards and feedback sessions, we keep you up to date on all activities and successes.

Save 20% CPC

Take advantage of our experience from over 10,000 successful Google Ads campaigns.

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Grow your traffic

Take advantage of our experience from over 10,000 successful Google Ads campaigns.


Increase your sales

With razor-sharp campaigns we reach the users who are specifically looking for your products or services. In this way we deliver a ROI that practically no other form of advertising can deliver.


E-Commerce Tracking

We help our clients develop and implement data and analytics strategies to leverage and maximize SEM, SEO, social, display and remarketing.

With attribution models, target group segmentation, channel analysis and customer lifetime value modeling, we structure and optimize your marketing channels so that your company can best reach its most profitable customers.

The correct implementation and interpretation of advanced e-commerce tracking is a challenge for many online stores and e-commerce companies. We help you to master these challenges.

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Onlineshop Analytics

For online store and e-commerce companies we provide a robust and professional implementation of the advanced e-commerce tracking of Google Analytics.

With E-Commerce Analytics we deliver the complete picture of your best marketing campaigns, the most successful promotions and your most profitable customers.

With E-Commerce Analytics we help you to optimize the content and messages of your online store and your campaigns. We measure progress using statistical models and meaningful analyses. In this way we ensure a transparent and continuous improvement process with clear goals and unambiguous results.

E-Commerce Dashboards & Reportings

We develop clear e-commerce dashboards for your company, which keep you up to date on all important key figures. This way you always have your best campaigns, products and content in view and can systematically expand your business.

In this way, we reduce the effort for reporting and the dependency on individual persons within the organization.

We make sure that the right information reaches the right person at the right time in your company.

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Real E-commerce Insights

As an e-commerce analytics agency, we help our clients develop meaningful and actually helpful e-commerce analytics processes. Our focus is on establishing processes and infrastructure that ensure that data and insights are delivered on time and in the right way.

E-commerce analytics only unfolds its power through meaningful reporting. With the experience of over 100 projects, we design and implement an individual reporting process for your company. In this way we ensure that you always have a complete overview of your online activities.

Your Measurement Partner

Today’s marketing is more complicated than ever. To help you better understand performance within this complexity, Unitedads gives you an array of options to expand your measurement capabilities.

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Why use Google Analytics?

“Google Analytics provides valuable insights that will help you to shape the success strategy of your business.”

Alex Sperber

CEO UnitedAds

Full Service Analytics

Whether you’re looking for help with viewability, reach, brand lift, brand safety, or marketing mix modeling, UnitedAds offer various solutions that work across Google advertising products, including Google Marketing Platform (including Display & Video 360 and Search Ads 360), Google Ads, YouTube, and more.

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New Marketing Leaders

Get a complete view with Google Analytics

Analytics makes it easy to understand how your site and app users are engaging with your content, so you know what’s working and what’s not. See how people are interacting with your sites and apps and the role that different channels play by viewing robust reports and dashboards. You can even connect systems used to measure CRM, points of sale, and other touch points with your customers for a more complete view.

Use Google’s unique machine learning capabilities to discover new insights from your data – such as which users are likely to convert or which customers have high revenue potential.

Analytics is built to work with Google’s advertising and publisher products so you can use your insights from Analytics to help you reach the right customers. Connect Analytics with Display & Video 360, Google Ads, AdSense, AdMob and Ad Manager. Create remarketing lists using your Analytics data and then easily access them in Display & Video 360 and Google Ads.

Analyse data quickly and encourage collaboration with an easy-to-use interface and shareable reports. Process and share huge amounts of data in a snap, while using our configuration APIs to keep things flexible and fully programmatic. Analytics also offers built-in technical support and a global infrastructure that delivers secure, accurate data across your sites and apps while staying fully under your control.

Mobile App Attribution

Get campaign performance insights you can trust and make informed marketing decisions with our App Attribution Solutions.

UnitedAds provides a consistent and seamless understanding of your app’s campaign performance.

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Audience Reach

UnitedAds provide you with a comprehensive view of media exposure across your target audiences, allowing you to better understand and optimize advertising spend across Google media and other channels.


UnitedAds helps you understand how your display and video ads have the opportunity to be seen by real people across screens and devices, including those running on Google media.

Using commonly accepted standards, viewability gives you a common currency on which to understand your results.

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Trusted by leading organisations

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Everything you need to get more from your data

Discover all the ways that Analytics helps you turn data into insights – from robust tagging to intelligent data analysis

World-Class Google Analytics Implementation

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Dennis Franz

Head of Marketing Solutions
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