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  • The Google Ads Agency

More customers and sales with Google Ads

Wir nutzen neue Technologien und künstliche Intelligenz, um schneller mehr hochwertige Kunden für Ihr Unternehmen zu finden.

UnitedAds ist Google Premium Partner 2024.

  • The Google Ads Agency

More customer contacts and sales with Google AI

We at UnitedAds are proud to be one of the best Google Ads agencies in Germany.

Google Reviews2

We use your data exclusively in accordance with our privacy policy.

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Why Google Ads and AI?

“With the right data and a thoughtful overall strategy, you unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence.

This gives our customers a competitive advantage in the long term.”

Philip Thomisch
Managing Director of UnitedAds GmbH

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PremierPartner 2023
  • Google Premium Partner

We are Google Premium Partner

UnitedAds is a Google Premium Partner.

Work with a Google Ads agency whose continuous outstanding performance is confirmed by Google.

Unbeatable: Our experience + artificial intelligence

How we can help you

Lead generation

Generate more customer contacts than ever before

More Online Sales

Catapult sales in your online store to new heights

More Offline Sales

Generate more frequency and sales in the store

Create awareness

Improve awareness and reach new target groups


Use more signals and better conversions

Grow internationally

Grow internationally with Google Ads

Stop click fraud

We reduce fraudulent clicks on your ads

Google CSS

20% less CPC on Google Shopping


Become a Google Ads professional yourself

  • No long runtimes

  • No setup costs

  • Ready for launch in 48h

The fastest way to successful Google Ads campaigns

Book your no-obligation consultation now and let us show you how we can implement Google Ads campaigns for your company.

  • Generate qualified leads


Leads are the lifeblood of any business. At UnitedAds, we focus on generating qualified leads that actually lead to sales.

While your competitors continue to fret about high click prices and too few conversions, we generate high-quality leads and new customers for you.

  • Turn traffic into sales


Steigern Sie Ihre Online-Umsätze und erweitern Sie Ihre globale Reichweite mit unserer spezialisierten E-Commerce-Strategie.

Wir erstellen Google Shopping Kampagne mit erfolgsabhängiger Abrechnung.

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CSS PremierPartner 2023
  • Google CSS Premium Partner

We are Google Shopping Premium Partner

UnitedAds is Google Shopping Premium Partner.

With our Google CSS you save up to 20% on your CPC on Google Ads.

Google Ads References

  • Google Ads


  • Google Ads for the
    stationary trade
  • Up to 15 percent more
    Store visits for Medimax
  • More frequency in the area
    through measurement of store visits
  • Google Ads


  • More turnover with
    Google shopping
  • 20% CPC Savings
    by UnitedAds CSS
  • Greater ROI
    through e-commerce tracking
  • Google Ads


  • Internationalization
    with Google Ads
  • More brand awareness
    through display ads
  • Higher efficiency
    through remarketing
  • Google Ads


  • Lead generation with
    Google Ads
  • Lead generation with
    Youtube campaigns
  • High international
  • More sales in stationary trade


Erreichen Sie gezielt lokale Kunden und erhöhen sie die Frequenz im Laden mit maßgeschneiderten Anzeigen, die genau zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort erscheinen.

Nutzen Sie die Kraft von Google Ads, um Ihre Reichweite zu maximieren, neue Kunden zu gewinnen und Ihren Umsatz im stationären Handel zu steigern.

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  • Sell worldwide


Erreichen Sie gezielt internationale Kunden und expandieren Sie international mit maßgeschneiderten Anzeigen, die genau zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort erscheinen.

Nutzen Sie die Kraft von Google Ads, um Ihre Reichweite zu maximieren, neue Kunden zu gewinnen und Ihren Umsatz im internationalen Handel zu steigern.

  • More app installs with Google Ads


Increase your app’s visibility and gain more active users with Google Ads.

Get started today and benefit from an effective advertising strategy to maximize the success of your app and significantly increase your download numbers.

  • Brand building with Google Ads


Increase the awareness of your brand with Google Ads!

Reach a broad target group and present your message in appealing ads to sustainably increase awareness of your company and your products.

  • Google Ads Tracking


With our professional Measurement & Analytics solutions for Google Ads, you can keep track of key performance indicators, identify potential and increase the efficiency of your advertising spend.

Start now and move to better, data-driven decisions for your business.

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  • Limitless potential


Discover the limitless possibilities of the Google Marketing Platform!

Seamlessly connect your marketing efforts, leverage powerful tools for targeted advertising, and reach customers across multiple channels to take your business success to the next level.

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Google Ads works better than ever

“Through power of generative AI, there are almost unlimited possibilities to optimize Google Ads campaigns.”

Google Ads Expert at UnitedAds

Grace ist Google Ads Expertin bei UnitedAds
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  • Win new customers

More leads, more customers, more sales

Wenn Sie über den Marketingkanal von Google Ads mehr Umsatz erzielen möchten, sollten Sie jetzt mit uns sprechen.

Zertifizierte und erfahrene Google Ads-Experten strukturieren Ihr Konto optimal und verwalten Ihre Anzeigen so, dass Sie Ihre Zielgruppe präzise erreichen. Das Ergebnis: mehr Kunden, mehr Leads, mehr Verkäufe.

  • Marketing with ROI

Profitable growth with Google Ads

Maximize the overall sales funnel.

We will find ways for you to further drive your growth. It’s a continuous cycle that ensures you get the most out of every advertising budget.

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  • Real partnership

Your success is our success

Choose UnitedAds as your partner in Google Ads Management and experience a true partnership that will make your Google Ads campaigns a success.

Together we create individual solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

  • Perfect Google Ads campaigns

Full service,
Maximum performance

Halbe Sachen sind nicht unser Ding. Wir setzen alle Hebel in Bewegung, um Ihre Google Ads-Kampagnen zu einem Top-Vertriebskanal zu machen.

Wir sind überzeugt, dass wir Ihre Einstellung dazu, was eine gute Google Ads Agentur für Ihr Unternehmen tun kann, ändern werden.

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  • Optimal Google Ads strategy

Conversions instead of chaos

In most Google Ads accounts, chaos reigns, not conversion. As your Google Ads agency, we are changing exactly that.

We deliver the complete package of strategy, data and creativity to dominate the Google ads.

  • Google Shopping with AI

Google Ads agency for online shops

We make your products visible on Google. The Google search is one of the most effective sales channels for online shops and e-commerce companies in the B2C area. Use the experience of hundreds of successful campaigns for your online shop.

We have been planning, starting and optimizing successful AdWords campaigns for online shops for over 10 years.

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  • B2B with Google Ads

Google Ads agency for B2B companies

Google Ads is greatly underestimated in B2B marketing.

We plan, start and optimize international B2B – Google Ads campaigns. Use our experience of hundreds of successful B2B Google Ads campaigns for your company.

  • With AI against fraudsters

With AI against Google Ads click fraud

Google Ads click fraud wastes up to 2% of your Google Ads budget. Competitors and bots can click on your ads and waste your advertising budget.

With our Google Ads click fraud protection software, we exclude illegitimate IPs and block fraudulent clicks.

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  • Sell everywhere

Local and global expertise

We find your customers: In your city or worldwide.

Whether you are a local business focusing on local customers or a global company expanding internationally, our Google Ads agency has experience in both areas and can develop the right strategy for your needs.

  • State of the art technology

AI-driven campaigns

We use artificial intelligence to run more accurate and efficient campaigns.

This includes predicting customer behavior, targeting at a granular level and automating bidding strategies.

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  • More campaign performance

Targeted addressing of target groups

As a Google Ads agency, we reach exactly the right customers for your company and minimize wastage.

Using our expertise in targeting, we precisely target your ads by location, interests, behaviors, and other demographics to target your audience.

  • Keep the overview

Transparent analyses

As a Google Ads agency, we offer you comprehensive evaluations so that you always have an overview of the success of your campaigns.

Our detailed analyses help you make informed decisions for your future advertising activities. In doing so, we explain the data to you in an understandable way and support you in drawing the right conclusions from the results.

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  • Unlimited possibilities

Creative diversity

As a Google Ads agency, we use various advertising formats to effectively present your message.

From engaging display ads to emotional video ads and compelling text ads, we offer you a wide range of advertising options.

  • More growth thanks to AI

Flexibility and scalability

As a Google Ads agency, we flexibly adapt your campaigns to your goals, enabling steady business growth.

With agile strategies and an effective campaign structure, you can quickly expand or optimize your advertising activities as needed.

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  • Tracking solutions from UnitedAds

Conversion Tracking Setup

Maximize your business performance with our specialized conversion tracking setup! Seamlessly navigate your customers’ digital buying process for targeted optimization.

Jump into the era of data-driven decision making with us and increase your ROI starting today.

  • Optimal display performance

Google Ads A/B Testing

Through targeted A/B testing, we identify the best-performing ad variants and continuously improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Discover the best performing keywords, ads and audiences to take your campaigns to the next level.

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  • The best way to success

Continuous optimization of your campaigns

Our Google Ads service does not stop at campaign creation. We continuously monitor and optimize your ads to ensure that you achieve the best possible success.

Using a data-driven approach, we continuously adjust your campaigns to take advantage of new opportunities and address potential weaknesses.

  • Personal care

Teams of experts for your success

Our dedicated team of Google Ads specialists is on hand with comprehensive expertise and first-class service to help you successfully achieve your online advertising goals.

Each team member brings their individual expertise to make your project a success and provide you with outstanding support.

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  • Fair and transparent costs

Transparent pricing

Our service includes clear and transparent pricing, so you know exactly what costs you will incur and what services you can expect.

No hidden fees, but a fair and comprehensible price structure for maximum cost transparency.

  • Successful for over 15 years

Over 15 years experience

UnitedAds is one of the most experienced and renowned Google Ads agencies. For over 15 years, we have been helping businesses accelerate their growth with Google Ads.

We strive for long-term partnerships and work tirelessly to continuously increase your success.

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  • Our know-how for you

Expertise in various industries

Our Google Ads agency has experience in various industries and can therefore offer targeted solutions for your specific business field.

Our diverse expertise enables us to identify individual challenges and adapt proven strategies from other industries to your needs.

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Why UnitedAds?

“With a lot of experience and know-how, smart technology and plenty of attention to detail, we help our customers to get more leads and more sales via the biggest marketing platform in the world: Google Ads”

Alexander Sparhawk
Managing Director of UnitedAds GmbH

Start now with Google Ads

World Class Google Ads Management

  • Free potential analysis for your company

  • Development of the Google Ads strategy

  • Intensive keyword research

  • Creation and testing of advertisements

  • Selection and adaptation of the bid strategies

  • Conversion tracking and modeling

  • Continuous reporting with Data Studio

  • and much more!

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Benefit from the know-how of our experts

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More than 80% of our customers improve the performance of their Google Ads account by more than 25% in their first three months.

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