UnitedAds. SEO and Google Ads for more leads, more customers and more sales.
Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360

Online marketing on Google for more sales, revenue and customer loyalty.

We are experts in marketing on the Google platform.


Dennis Franz

Head of Marketing Solutions
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Discover your growth potential on Google

Online marketing on Google for more sales, revenue and customer loyalty.

We are experts in marketing on the Google platform.

  • SEO

Be found on Google

If you decide to use Analytics 360 via UnitedAds, you not only have the best digital analysis platform on the market, but you also benefit from the extensive experience of UnitedAds GmbH.

With Analytics 360, we provide the technology and support you need to optimize campaigns, understand audiences and improve your websites.

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  • Local SEO

Get found in your city

We help local businesses, local retailers and local service providers attract and retain prospects and customers through search engines by optimizing websites and creating and implementing a successful local marketing strategy.


The benefits of Analytics 360

You can analyze how the users of your website and app interact with your content and thus find out what goes down well and what doesn’t.

The machine learning algorithms from Google give you completely new insights into your target group.

Analytics is designed to work with Google’s advertising and publisher products. In this way, you can use the findings from your analyzes to effectively increase your success.

With the practical interface and shareable reports, you can quickly analyze data and promote collaboration. With the direct link to Google Cloud, you can access powerful tools to extract valuable information from your data.

  • Google Ads

We create Google Ads campaigns that sell

Put promotional ads in front of your customers when they search for companies like yours on Google Search

Businessman searching on Google

Why Google Ads?

“With Google Ads, your digital advertising appears on Google exactly the moment someone searches for a product or service like yours. There is no more efficient way to grow your business. ”

Philip Thomisch

Head of SEA

  • Google Analytics

Get to know your customers better

Get a deeper understanding of your customers. Google Analytics gives you the free tools you need to analyze data for your company in one place.

Google Analytics

These customers trust us

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We accelerate your business with digital transformation through data

At UnitedAds, we have a track record of helping more than 1,000 companies and businesses like yours achieve their goals.


Building, creating, and connecting

We transform your advertising and go-to-market capabilities to elevate your brand and drive measurable business growth.

Imagine, Deliver, Run

Dynamic end-to-end digital marketing strategies, leveraging cutting-edge processes, technology solutions, data analytics, creative, and content to drive new value.

Insider know-how for more success on the Google platform

Get started on Google now

We love to solve your marketing tasks.

Dennis Franz

Head of Sales
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