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Online marketing on Google for more sales, earnings and customer loyalty.

We are experts in marketing on the Google platform.

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Dennis Franz

Head of Marketing Solutions
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Discover your growth potential on Google

Online marketing on Google for more sales, earnings and customer loyalty.

We are experts in marketing on the Google platform.

Our services

Customized display campaigns for your company

Programmatic Advertising with Display & Video 360 is Google’s solution for efficient display marketing. With access to high-quality inventory by linking to all important AdExchanges and very detailed targeting of target groups, display and video campaigns can be controlled in real time across devices.

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Scalable display campaigns

Anyone who manages thousands of campaigns needs partners and scalable tools that can cope with the requirements of a large company.

We make Display & Video 360 technology available to our customers to give them access to high quality programmatic inventory across all devices and channels.

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The advantages of Display & Video 360

You can manage all of your teams with just one product. Whether creative, analysis, TV or digital media – everyone involved can exchange information, work together efficiently and analyze data.

Thanks to machine learning, individual steps can be automated, such as bidding and optimization. In this way you can react even faster to the needs of your customers

Now you can access all of your audience information with just one tool. This ensures that you are addressing the right users with your message.

You can see exactly how your budget is being used and where your ads are showing. With Display & Video 360 you are in full control.

Smarter display marketing

With real-time data and a centralized view of your target group, we ensure more quality and more success with your display & video campaigns.

The seamless connectivity with the Google Marketing Platform enables you to really use and activate your campaign and target group data.

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Why Google Ads?

“With Google Ads, your digital advertising appears on Google exactly the moment someone searches for a product or service like yours. There is no more efficient way to grow your business. ”

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Head of SEA

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Display & Video 360 + Analytics 360

You can save time and work more efficiently with DV 360 and the links on the Google Marketing Platform.

The enormous potential of Analytics 360 data can be used to optimize your display campaigns, bid strategies, rules, etc. You can view your Floodlight conversions alongside your Analytics 360 metrics and use alternative attribution models that take pre-clicks into account and are based on Analytics 360 activity columns.

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A new marketing ecosystem

Users are moving faster than ever between devices, websites and apps. That is why we develop strategies to recognize the user across different channels and to reach them with personal marketing (in contrast to cookie-based marketing).

With Display & Video 360 we create a unique connection to target groups across all devices and thus optimize your media buying with Display & Video 360.

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More control, better insights

Choosing the Google Marketing Platform means giving your business control and insights that are second to none. In combination with our services, we help you to optimize your media in a completely transparent ecosystem and support your marketing team, your creative agencies and other interest groups within your own Google marketing platform.

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