Search Ads 360

Search Ads 360

With Search Ads 360, you can get the most out of your search network campaigns and respond appropriately and in real time to continuous market changes.

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Dennis Franz

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Discover your growth potential on Google

Online marketing on Google for more sales, earnings and customer loyalty.

We are experts in marketing on the Google platform.

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Google Search Ads 360 agency

If you decide to use Search Ads 360 via UnitedAds, you not only have the best digital marketing platform on the market, but you also benefit from the extensive experience of UnitedAds GmbH.

Search Ads 360 provides us with the technology and support we need to manage brand awareness campaigns with performance KPIs.

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Tailored search campaigns for your company

With optimized workflows, meaningful reports and automatic bidding, your company’s search engine marketing can be easily scaled.

Using Search Ads 360 saves you time by simplifying complex processes. You can make better decisions and increase your return on investment (ROI) on search engine marketing.

How we help with local SEO

Scalable search engine advertising

Today’s digital advertising ecosystem requires advertisers to think across channels, platforms, and devices. We give advertisers the right technology to measure these activities centrally, to optimize them and to provide them with the right data.

The Google Marketing Platform gives our customers a deduplicated, single view of their customers regardless of the acquisition source or device, and enables 1: 1 messaging to those customers using intelligent dynamic creative messaging through Studio.

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The benefits of Search Ads 360

With the latest data, you can secure decisive advantages for your search network campaigns and improve their performance with Smart Bidding.

By connecting your search campaigns to other digital channels, you can more easily understand what works and what doesn’t.

The enormous potential of Analytics 360 data supports you in optimizing your search network campaigns and bid strategies. With Search Ads 360 and just one set of Floodlight tags, you can measure unique (not duplicate) conversions.

With the help of meaningful data, the entire buying process can be analyzed in order to make informed decisions – powerful reporting functions, attribution tools and third-party solutions will help you with this. Comprehensive links enable you to bring all of your data together. Among other things, you can upload offline conversions and generate cross-channel reports.

With data and reports in one place, everyone has information about your audience, your media, and your business results. Information can be shared with the team, marketing is optimized.

Why Google Ads?

“With Google Ads, your digital advertising appears on Google exactly the moment someone searches for a product or service like yours. There is no more efficient way to grow your business. ”

Philip Thomisch

Head of SEA

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Generate more leads

We plan, start and optimize B2B Google Ads campaigns for more leads. Use our experience from hundreds of successful B2B Google Ads campaigns for your company.

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Seach Ads 360 + Analytics 360

Search Ads 360 and the links on Google Marketing Platform can save you time and work more efficiently.

The enormous potential of Analytics 360 data can be used to optimize your search network campaigns, bid strategies, rules, etc. You can view your Floodlight conversions alongside your Analytics 360 metrics and use alternative attribution models that take pre-clicks into account and are based on Analytics 360 activity columns.

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Save 20% CPC on every click

Increase the profitability and sales of your advertising campaigns. We give you a 20% discount on the Shopping CPC in Google Ads. Your bid of € 0.80 receives the value of € 1.00.

With a simple switch, your campaigns will become so much more competitive.

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Work with the experts

At UnitedAds, we can look back on a success story in which we have helped more than 1,000 companies like yours to achieve their goals.

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Get to know your customers better

Get a deeper understanding of your customers. Google Analytics gives you the free tools you need to analyze data for your company in one place.

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We accelerate your business with digital transformation through data

At UnitedAds, we can look back on a success story in which we have helped more than 1,000 companies like yours to achieve their goals.

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We boost our clients to get more sales

Building, creating, and connecting

We transform your advertising and go-to-market capabilities to elevate your brand and drive measurable business growth.

Imagine, Deliver, Run

Dynamic end-to-end digital marketing strategies, leveraging cutting-edge processes, technology solutions, data analytics, creative, and content to drive new value.

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