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Digital Marketing For Travel and Tourism

Digital Marketing For Travel Businesses

We help travel marketers to get more bookings on the Google platform.

Better Marketing that increases your bookings.

We’ve Reimagined Online Marketing for the Travel Industry

No Setup Fee

At UnitedAds you pay no setup fee for your Google Ads campaigns oe SEO Optimization.

No Risk

Not satisfied? Unlikely. But if you are, you can always quit without any ifs and buts.

Transparent and fair

With meaningful dashboards and feedback sessions, we keep you up to date on all activities and successes.

Grow your traffic

Take advantage of our experience from over 10,000 successful Google Ads campaigns and SEO Projects.


Increase the Number of Leads

With razor-sharp campaigns we reach the users who are specifically looking for your services. In this way we deliver a ROI that practically no other form of advertising can deliver.


Be Found On Google

We help companies attract and retain new prospects and more customers via search engines by optimizing websites and creating a successful inbound marketing strategy.

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Convert Online Traffic Into Loyal Guests

Every day, many people use Google to search for a hotel in their region and in their hotel category.

By placing an ad on Google Hotels Ads, you can make these potential guests aware of your hotel and attract them as new customers.

We have ideas and solutions for more guests and more bookings.

We Find Your Guest Online

65% of their guests use the internet to book holidays and business trips.

We have been specialising in the support and optimisation of Google Ads campaigns for hotels for 10 years and can take over the conception, implementation and optimisation of your campaigns for you.


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Increase brand awareness

A strong brand increases the value of your company many times over.

A high level of brand awareness and loyalty is a great advantage, because people usually long for something they know and trust. Online offers an immense reach and opportunity to expand your brand awareness.

Worldwide Marketing Of Your Destination or Hotel

We market your offer worldwide, also in China (Baidu Authorised Partner Agency) or Russia. In this way we reach your guests and customers worldwide and ensure more bookings and overnight stays.

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Why Google Ads Is Essential For Your Business

In modern marketing there is no way around Google Ads. Practically every potential customer uses Google Search to find information about products and services and to find solutions to their problems.

As your Google Ads agency, we use this behavior to get the most out of your Google Ads campaigns.

More Leads, More Customers, More Sales For Your Business

We create campaigns that sell. Fast, efficient and with an ROI you will like.

If you want to achieve more revenue through the Google Ads marketing channel, then you should talk to us now.

Certified and experienced Google Ads professionals, will structure your account optimally and manage your ads so that you reach your target group precisely. The result: more customers, more leads, more sales

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Full Service,
Maximum Performance

Half measures are not our thing. We pull out all the stops to make your Google Ads campaigns a top sales channel.

We are convinced that we will change your attitude about what a good Google Ads agency can do for your business.

Much More Than Just Search

More campaign types to reach your goals

With the display network, you can reach your customers on other websites and via YouTube, which is also the second largest search engine in the world.

Your Content Goes Here

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Show up for interested travellers with Google Hotel Ads.

Google Hotel Ads displays your hotel availability and rates on Google Search and Maps.

New Marketing Leaders

Conversions Instead Of Chaos

In most Google Ads accounts, chaos rules, not conversion. As your Google Ads agency we change exactly that.

We deliver the complete package of strategy, data and creativity to dominate Google Ads. While your competitors continue to be annoyed by high click prices and too few conversions, we generate high quality leads and new customers for you.

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We Find And Use Your Best Sales Arguments

What makes you special? We find the most attractive sales arguments for your destination or hotel and develop appropriate campaigns.

We use systematic ad tests to optimise the communication of your benefits and find the content and wording that works best in your target group.

Remarketing for more Bookings

The travellers search for hotels and destinations can take weeks or even months. Remarketing is therefore one of the decisive strategies in the travel market to convince potential guests of your hotel or region. We pull out all the stops to ensure that your offers are advertised throughout the entire research process.

With individual and granularly structured remarketing campaigns, we reach interested users several times and thus increase the probability of a booking.

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Campaigns Optimized for Display

Inspiration und Vorfreude spielen insbesondere bei der Buchung von Urlaubsreisen eine sehr große Rolle. Deshalb ist das Google Display Netzwerk ein wichtiger Kanal mit einem guten Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis für das Bewerben von Urlaubszielen. Eine gute Display-Kampagne kann das Branding für Ihre Urlaubsdestination massiv unterstützen.

Wir übernehmen für sie die professionelle Erstellung reichweitenstarker Display-Kampagnen und zwar von der Zielgruppendefinition bis zur Gestaltung attraktiver Werbemittel.

We Reach Your Guests On The Go

Holidays and travel are a topic that permanently accompanies and occupies consumers. With Google Mobile ads they reach their target groups even when they are on the move.

We create mobile campaigns for your hotel or destination to draw the attention of mobile customers who have their smartphone and tablet with them wherever they go. Hardly any other form of advertising is better suited to continuously reach and convince modern guests.

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First Step to Better Business Results

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“The team at Avada Marketing Consultant is fabulous. They helped us unlock our potential online and offline. We have experienced year on year growth due to their progressive approach.”

Dan Anderson

Hemisferio’s CEO

Trusted by leading organisations

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Get More Sales. Improve Customer Retention.

As a Google Premium Partner Agency we are experts for digital marketing with Google Ads. We optimize and manage Google Ads campaigns according to your targets.

World-Class Google Ads Management

Starting at


  • Quick wins to increase customer acquisition, lead an sales
  • We wont ask you to spend more
  • We drive more traffic, customers and sales to your business
  • We provide real, practical marketing advice
  • We report to you on a monthly basis what we have done
  • Watch as your business grows and expands from all the new leads
  • Processes are time-tested and field proven

We’ll be in touch soon!

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