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With Google Ads International we can expand your online presence in new international markets, optimize sales and retain customers.

We have rethought international Google Ads campaigns

No setup costs

With UnitedAds, you don’t pay a setup fee for your Google Ads campaigns.

No risk

Unsatisfied? Unlikely. But if so, you can cancel at any time without any ifs or buts.

Transparent and fair

We keep you up to date on all activities and successes with meaningful dashboards and feedback sessions.

Get found internationally on Google

We help companies around the world to win and retain new prospects and more customers via search engines by creating and implementing successful, high-selling Google Ads strategies worldwide.

Expand internationally with Google Ads

After you have decided on your next global market, we will plan the next steps with you.

We support you with topics such as ad localization, target group selection and landing page optimization. We can draw on extensive resources and experience in the optimization of international Google Ads campaigns.

Get more traffic

Benefit from our experience from over 1,000 international Google Ads campaigns.

Increase your international leads and sales

With razor-sharp campaigns, we reach users who are specifically looking for your products or services. In this way we deliver an ROI that virtually no other form of advertising can deliver.

Why Google Ads for International Expansion?

„With Google Ads, your digital advertising appears on Google exactly the moment someone is looking for a product or service like yours. There is no more efficient way to grow your business internationally. “

Philip Thomisch

Head of SEA

Use your worldwide sales opportunities

Global companies need a reliable marketing plan.

  • Which language is best for advertising?
  • What devices do your customers use and how do I reach them?
  • What budget should I use to enter the market?

We support you with data and customer knowledge so that you can make the right marketing decisions and develop the optimal campaigns for you.


Increase your brand awareness

A strong brand increases the value of your company many times over.

A high level of brand awareness and loyalty is a great advantage, because people usually long for something they know and trust. Online offers an immense range and opportunity to expand your brand awareness.

Why Google Ads is essential to your business

In modern marketing, there is no getting around Google Ads. Practically every potential customer uses Google search to find out about products and services and to find solutions to their problems.

As your Google Ads agency, we use this behavior to get the most out of your Google Ads campaigns.

More leads, more customers, more sales for your company

We create and manage international Google Ads campaigns that sell. Fast, efficient and with an ROI you will like.

If you want to generate more sales through the Google Ads marketing channel, then you should speak to us now.

Certified and experienced Google Ads professionals structure your account optimally and manage your ads in such a way that you reach your target group precisely. The result: more customers, more leads, more sales

Full service,
Maximum performance

Half measures are not our thing. We pull out all the stops to make your Google Ads campaigns a top sales channel.

We believe we will change the way you think about what a good Google Ads agency can do for your business.

More than just searching

With the display network, you can also reach your customers on other websites and via YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world.

Reach prospects with YouTube ads and get them to take action when they watch or search for videos on YouTube – and only pay when they’re interested.

You can use Google to attract new customers and create a stronger connection with your existing customers. We help you reach the hundreds of millions of people who shop our properties every day, including Search, YouTube, Google Assistant, and Maps – at every stage of the customer journey.

You can use Google Discovry Ads to attract new customers and create a stronger connection with your existing customers. We help you reach the hundreds of millions of people who shop our properties every day, including Search, YouTube, Google Assistant, and Maps – at every stage of the customer journey.

As an app advertiser, you want many paying users to download your app. But how do you reach these users? With app campaigns, your apps can be advertised on all major Google platforms, including Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, Discover in Google Search and the Google Display Network.

Conversions instead of chaos

In most Google Ads accounts, it’s chaos, not conversion. As your Google Ads agency, we’re changing just that.

We deliver the complete package of strategy, data and creativity to dominate Google Ads. While your competitors are still annoyed by high click prices and too few conversions, we generate high-quality leads and new customers for you.

Google Ads for international e-commerce

Do you sell internationally? Very good!

We make your products visible on Google worldwide. The Google search is one of the most effective sales channels for online shops and e-commerce companies in the B2C area. Use the experience from hundreds of successful campaigns for your online shop.

Google Ads for international B2B companies

Google Ads is still widely underestimated in B2B marketing.
For more than 10 years we have been reaching new markets and new customers for our customers, thus ensuring growth and increased sales.

We plan, start and optimize international B2B – Google Ads campaigns. Use our experience from hundreds of successful B2B Google Ads campaigns for your company.

These companies trust us

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More international customers, more global sales

As a Google Premium Partner Agency, we are experts in international digital marketing with Google Ads. We optimize and manage Google Ads campaigns according to your goals.

Internationales Google Ads Management

Starting at

€ 495

  • Development of the Google Ads strategy

  • Intensive keyword research

  • Creation and testing of advertisements

  • Selection and adaptation of the bid strategies

  • Conversion tracking and modeling

  • Continuous reporting with Data Studio

  • and much more!

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Tips and know-how for online marketers

Accelerate international growth now

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More success with international Google Ads campaigns

Talk to one of our experts now about how you can expand internationally with Google Ads.

Dennis Franz

Head of Marketing Solutions
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