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Do you really need a local SEO agency?

Yes! With more consumers searching for local businesses online than ever before, local search engine optimization services are essential for your business to organically attract more customers through an online search.

This is where UnitedAds local SEO services can help.

Lokal SEO Agentur

More local users

With local search engine optimization we improve your position in the search results for local and regional search queries.


More sales with local customers

With local SEO you make more sales with customers who are looking for local or regional offers in their city.

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Local SEO for more users and more sales

We help companies acquire new customers in your city through Google by optimizing your website and developing a successful inbound marketing strategy.

Why is local SEO essential?

The fact is, more than half of all traffic on local business websites comes from organic online searches, so it is critical that your business appears at the top of these search results in your local area.

This is where UnitedAds local SEO services can help.

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Our local SEO strategy:
Deliver results you can see

75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. One of the main advantages of local SEO is that it allows you to get your business on the first page of search results.

We tune your website for local search and make sure the search engines understand your company and your target region.

Local business scheme

Have you ever searched for something on Google and found an entry with aggregated ratings?

This is done using a code known as a schema. With the help of the schema, the search engines learn who you are, where you are and what products or services you offer.

UnitedAds will set you up to use the Local Business scheme in your coding.

SEO Team at Work

More customers through better local rankings.

We combine local SEO expertise, data centricity and a spirit of partnership to drive our clients’ business forward.

How much experience does Unitedads have in “Local SEO”?

Wir arbeiten seit über 10 Jahren im Bereich Local SEO und haben mehr als 100 Kundenprojekte im Bereich lokale Suchmaschinenoptimierung erfolgreich bearbeitet. Diese Erfahrung und dieses Know-How geben wir gerne an unsere Kunden weiter.

For which companies is Local SEO important?

Lokale Suchmaschinenoptimierung ist für jedes Unternehmen wichtig, das Kunden vor Ort betreut. Der tatsächliche Standort des Nutzers wird von Google ausgewertet und bietet den lokalen Geschäften die Chance in der Google Suche gefunden zu werden.

Da es im lokalen Umfeld weniger Konkurrenz gibt, ist der Wettbewerb in den Suchergebnissen deutlich geringer und führt meistens zu schnelleren Erfolgen.

What are the ranking factors for Local SEO?

Die wichtigsten Rankingfaktoren bei der lokalen Suche sind:

  1. Verwendung von Keywords: Keyword in den HTML-Dokumenten und deren Meta-Auszeichnungen sollten das Unternehmen, die Tätigkeit und den Standort beschreiben. Die Verwendung korrekter Keywords spielt bei Local SEO vor allem bei der Pflege des Google My Business Profils eine wichtige Rolle.
  2. Anlegen und Pflege des Google My Business Profils: Hier sind Daten wie Firma, Anschrift mit Ort und PLZ sowie eine Telefonnummer einzutragen (analog zur OnPage-Optimierung). Die offizielle Website der Firma sollte mit dem Profil verknüpft und verifiziert werden. Unbedingt zu beachten sind dabei die Google-My Business Qualitätsrichtlinien.
  3. Verwendung konsistenter Daten: Die Angabe der zentralen Daten wird oft “NAP” genannt. Dieses Kürzel steht für Name, Adress, Phone und besagt, dass diese Daten für alle Einträge im Web konsistent verwendet werden sollten.
  4. Bewertungen und Reviews: Bewertungen, Reviews und positive Verweise haben einen großen Einfluss auf das Ranking innerhalb der lokalen Suchergebnisse. Denn unter den Einträgen erscheinen in den SERPs auch Bewertungen von Nutzern, die diesen Ort besucht und eine Review verfasst haben. Solche Verweise können das Ranking der lokalen Suche beeinflussen.
  5. Backlinks von lokalen Webseiten: Verlinkungen von lokal ansässigen Unternehmen mit eigenen Webseiten können die Relevanz eines anderen lokalen Unternehmens stärken.
  6. Lokalbezug in Content und Meta-Angaben der Webseite: Der Content der Website sollte einen klaren lokalen Bezug herstellen. So können zum Beispiel die Nennung von Städten oder Regionen in Title, Description und Content die Relevanz zu einer lokalen Suchanfrage aus dieser Region erhöhen.
What are local search queries?

Bei lokalen Suchanfragen kann man grundsätzlich drei verschiedene Arten von Anfragen unterscheiden:

  • Suchanfragen mit Ortsangaben (z.B. Pizzeria Berlin)
  • Suchanfragen ohne Ortsangabe, aber mit lokaler Absicht (Zahnarzt)
  • Gezielte Suchanfrage nach Unternehmensstandort (Feinkost Meyer Feldafing)

Das Ziel bei der lokalen Suchmaschinenoptimierung ist dann, dass Ihre Unternehmen in den lokalen Suchergebnissen so weit oben wir möglich erscheint.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO refers to search engine optimization in relation to the location of a business.

Local SEO is thus a special form of search engine optimization designed to place local and regional businesses and retailers more prominently in search results.

Local SEO for a sushi restaurant, for example, aims to ensure that users in the area who are looking for a sushi restaurant find exactly that restaurant in the search results.

Taking the previously mentioned example, someone searches for “Sushi Restaurant Munich” via Google search, for example. The results are then displayed to the user on a map above the organic search results.

The goal of Local SEO is, among other things, to be represented on this map, including contact details, and to be listed in first or second place if possible.

Local SEO is becoming increasingly important as fewer and fewer people are turning to a phone book or yellow pages to locate regional and local businesses.

What used to be the entry in the yellow pages is now the entry on Google My Business. When it comes to optimization, a combination of Local SEO and Mobile SEO should definitely be done, because many people search for specific nearby businesses on their smartphones when they are on the go.

Local SEO


€ 695

  • Local SEO strategy

  • Creation of local content

  • Website speed optimization

  • Adding structured data

  • Update of the robots.txt

  • Files URL and site structure optimization

  • Images and code implementation

  • and much more!

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Google My Business Optimization

Our services include optimizing your local Google business listings to ensure that your business doesn’t miss the chance to appear on Google Maps.

Even if your business isn’t on the first page of organic search results, adding your business to Google Maps can bring you to the first page of results in the Google Maps section near the top of the first page.

Trust the SEO Experts

Google Maps optimization

Google Maps marketing is becoming more important than ever as many customers prefer to click the results in the map pack rather than scrolling down to the rest of the search results.

Searching within the map makes it easier for customers to find the companies that are closest to their location without having to assign each search result individually. This is especially true for those searching from a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Use of Google My Business Posts & Reviews

It is imperative for local businesses to appear at the top of local search results in Google’s Map Pack.

Weekly posting on Google My Business is a best practice for local businesses to increase their online presence, and we can help you with that.

We make it easy for you to receive and display your positive customer reviews on your Google My Business page with direct links and template emails.


Full service local SEO

Together with your company, we develop a robust local SEO strategy.

Local SEO strategy is the process of organizing the content of a webpage by topic, which helps search engines like Google understand a user’s intent in searching. By optimizing a webpage by topic and then by keywords within that topic, you can increase your competence in the eyes of a search engine and rank well for long-tail keywords on that topic.

Local SEO means covering the right topics, including the right keywords, and creating the right types of content that match the search intent.

We support you in the evaluation of topics and keyword research so that your local SEO fully reaches your local target group.

Good on-page optimization is still the basis for successful local SEO.

We ensure optimal crawlability and indexing of your website. We take care of all technical details and work off all important topics using tried and tested checklists.

With a data-driven analysis, we improve the planning and creation of your local content. In this way we achieve systematic planning and creation of content that will inspire your users.

Based on the expectations of your target group, we develop holistic content that is perfectly tailored to the intentions of the users.

The creation and optimization of a meaningful and attractive Google My business profile is an elementary part of local search engine optimization.

Quality local content

On-page relevance is about the quality of the content on your website and how closely it is linked to your company’s activities. However, building relevance is about much more than just including geo-targeted keywords in your text; it also relates to the meta tags, headings, images and much more of your website.

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On-page optimization

On-page relevance is about the quality of the content on your website and how closely it is linked to your company’s activities.

However, building relevance is about much more than just including geo-targeted keywords in your text; it also refers to the meta tags, headings, images and much more of your website.

Full service local SEO agency

To make more sales online you need maximum visibility in Google search results. Professional search engine optimization is the best way to achieve this. But in its entirety, search engine optimization is a very complex discipline.

As an SEO agency, we take care of the entire search engine optimization for your company from A to Z.

We relieve you of the time-consuming tasks and ensure long-term and sustainable organic traffic.

Full Time SEO Service

Technical local SEO

Local SEO doesn’t just mean that your texts have to be relevant and that all keywords have to be included. It also means that you are clearing the way for the Google Bot to optimally crawl and index your pages.

We take care of the technical SEO so that the Google Bot can run unhindered over your page and find the right signals.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know the right levers and the measures that will advance you.

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Successful in your city with local SEO

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