• Casestudy Local SEO

Primetime Fitness

More regional reach through local SEO

PRIME TIME Fitness offers training in 11 clubs, online, as personal training and corporate training.

With the help of UnitedAds, PRIMETIME FITNESS has significantly increased the local visibility of its offers.

  • Casestudy Local SEO

More local users through SEO

To achieve a better local ranking of the respective clubs, the landing pages were optimized for local search and hyper-local search, e.g. “Fitness Studio Sachsenhausen”.

As a result, the positions in the search results for local search queries could be significantly improved and, as a consequence, more potential members and customers could be addressed.

  • Conversion & qualitative traffic

Local landing pages

Creating informative and relevant local landing pages needed not only better search results but also more appointments for trial trainings.

Clear call-to-actions support the interactive character of the local landing pages and have further improved the conversion rate, which in turn has led to better user signals and thus better rankings.

  • Casestudy Local SEO

More reach, more customers through strong images

With individual images instead of interchangeable stock material, the local landing pages were further enhanced. Local and regional suppliers in particular can make strong visual statements with a contemporary, individual image selection.

Here, too, relevant local content increased user interest and thus sent improved ranking signals to Google.