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  • The link building agency

Tired of seeing the competition in front of you?

No more desire to see the competition in front of you

We at UnitedAds are one of the leading link building agencies.

With our support, you will quickly achieve better rankings in Google search results, attracting more customers and generating more revenue.

Partner für mehr Wachstum durch SEO

SEMRUSH Certified SEO Agency Partner

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Primetime Fitness

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  • Mehr Reichweite, mehr Kunden
    durch lokales SEO
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Better rankings with link building

As a link building agency with years of experience, we know how to make your website successful in Google search as well. We understand how to develop the right strategy and support it with high-quality content and technical aspects.

Engage your customers at every stage of the sales funnel with our help and increase your conversions.

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  • Link building agency with 15 years of experience

Hand in hand with our experienced link building experts

Thanks to over 15 years of experience in the field of SEO and more than 100 successful customer projects, we guide you purposefully to a profitable
SEO strategy

We as SEO agency are the strong partner at your side, which takes over the topic SEO completely.

  • Strategy – Technology – Content

Full Service Link Building Agency

In order to increase your sales online, you need the maximum visibility in Google search results. Professional link building is the best measure for this.

As a link building agency we take over the entire search engine optimization from A to Z for your company.

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Your advantages with UnitedAds

Höherer Traffic & mehr Umsatz

Generieren Sie mehr Umsatz durch höheren Traffic

Stärken Sie Ihre Marke

Höhere Sichtbarkeit in den Suchergebnissen sorgt für mehr Präsenz Ihrer Marke

Mehr Transparenz

Transparente & kontinuierliche Gespräche, damit Sie immer top informiert sind

  • Link building strategy

We help you move forward with the right strategy

There are many ways to rank in the top search results with link building, but not every one is universally applicable to every website.

With us as a link building agency, you have experts on your side who will work out the right strategy for your company and your target group.

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  • SEO link building

Better rankings & more traffic with SEO link building

Professional SEO content that ranks well is not written on the side. We write polished and thoughtful content for you that meets and exceeds the requirements of good content.

With our content we make your website the favorite of the Google bot.

How we work for you

  • Step 1

Kick-Off Meeting

In a detailed SEO kick-off meeting you will get to know the SEO team of UnitedAds.

Then it’s a matter of thoroughly understanding your business and your goals. The better we know your company, the more efficiently we can plan and implement your SEO measures.

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  • Step 2

Creating your SEO strategy

With the right SEO strategy we help you in the long term to more users and traffic and thus also to more sales. As an SEO strategy agency with years of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t for your website.

We know how to bring your website to the forefront and what it takes to reach your customers wherever they are.

seo strategie
  • Step 3

Technical SEO

Our technical SEO analysis is the cornerstone for all further SEO measures on your website. The goal is to unleash any issues and potential to increase your rankings and sales in the future.

The technical SEO audit shows exactly what level your website is at and which problem areas we need to address first.

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  • Step 4

Optimization of your content

Professional SEO content that ranks well is not written on the side. We write polished and thoughtful content for you that meets and exceeds the requirements of good content.

With our content we make your website the favorite of the Google bot.

SEO Content
  • Step 5

Reporting and feedback

We keep you up to date with transparent and understandable reports and weekly or monthly feedback meetings.

You receive all rankings, measures and to-dos in a clear list, so you always know where your website stands and which measures are planned and implemented.

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  • Link building works

Even more visibility & increased conversions

The technical aspects of your website are also a ranking factor. Through technical SEO, you not only improve your search result rankings, but also provide better user experiences for your customers.

With UnitedAds as SEO agency on your side, you no longer have to deal with complex technical problems. We will take care of that for you!

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Better rankings, more leads & higher revenue


We use our experience to drive your digital marketing forward.

Our simple and comprehensible processes, our many years of know-how and a mature SEO structure will take you far ahead.

At the beginning of our collaboration, we establish a clear and measurable business goal with you. From this, we create a comprehensive catalog of measures that is precisely tailored to the needs of your company. Throughout the process, our team of experts will accompany and advise you. So we are always there for you – online and offline!

World Class Linkbuilding


€ 1.000 / month

  • More sales through higher conversion rates

  • Better traffic & new customers

  • Increased brand awareness

  • Simple processes

  • Fast results

  • 15 years SEO experience

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Why SEO is your most important marketing channel?

SEO is indispensable for your brand presence

If your website is not found, you will not generate any conversions or sales. In addition, your brand is not present to potential customers and your recognition value decreases.

Through good SEO, not only you, but also your products will be found. Trust is built in your brand and traffic and conversions increase.

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  • Steady growth with SEO

Leaving the competition behind in the long term

Only if you have a clear strategy for SEO work, you can push the limits of Google rules and get the most out of it.

While your competitors are still doing their own work, we immediately apply the levers that will really get you ahead.

  • Sustainable growth with SEO

Celebrate long-term success with SEO

Once you have made it to the top, this success will last for a long time, especially if you keep working at it continuously.

After the initial effort to set up structures and create the first content, your website continues to establish itself in Google search.

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  • Customer acquisition with SEO

Gain many new customers

Only those who set to work on SEO with a clear strategy can push the limits of Google’s regulations and get the maximum out of them. While your competitors still have to manage it all themselves, we immediately use the levers that really get you ahead.

While the competition wonders why they don’t come out ahead, you have a partner who really knows how up-to-date SEO works.

  • SEO Content Creation & Optimization

Content that inspires your customers

Excellent content doesn’t just rank well, it must also meet the needs of users. To do this, you need the ability to write content that excites users and meets their needs.

At the same time, however, the content must also be designed in a way that is understandable for the Google bot.

We take this tricky task off your hands and create content for you that will delight both users and search engines.

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  • With the right SEO tools to success

Trust the SEO experts

As your SEO agency, we guide you step by step to successful search engine optimization. To do this, we use the best SEO tools, take care of the technical aspects of your website and provide you with the best content.

We are not just an SEO agency. We are your partner to get more out of your SEO strategy.

Let us accelerate your online growth

  • Warum eine SEO Agentur?

Ihre Vorteile mit einer SEO Agentur

Mit einer SEO Agentur haben Sie einen starken Partner an Ihrer Seite, der Sie bei allem rund um das Thema Suchmaschinenoptimierung unterstützt.

Eine SEO Agentur kann ein strategischer Vorteil gegenüber Ihren Wettbewerbern sein, die versuchen das Thema alleine in die Hand zu nehmen.

Lassen Sie sich von SEO Experten beraten und ergreifen Sie gemeinsam mit Ihnen die richtigen Maßnahmen für Ihre Website. Nur so schaffen Sie es, Ihre Online-Präsenz langfristig zu erhöhen.

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  • Ihre SEO Agentur UnitedAds

Warum UnitedAds die richtige SEO Agentur für Sie ist!

UnitedAds ist eine SEO Agentur mit einem dynamischen & kompetenten Team, dass mit Ihnen individuelle und auf Ihre Unternehmenssituation abgestimmte Lösungen erarbeitet.

Bei uns gibt es kein “One-Size Fits All” für die Suchmaschinenoptimierung einer Website. Wir konzentrieren uns auf die Aspekte, die Sie garantiert näher an Ihr Ziel bringen.

  • SEO agency for e-commerce

We make your online store strong

The SEO strategy for an online store, should be clearly different from that of a purely informative website. When doing search engine optimization for an online store, it is important to especially not neglect your target audience and to focus on your products.

We help you to catapult your e-commerce business to the front of the search results with the right strategy.

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  • B2B SEO

We help you generate new customers through search

Buyers, too, first find out about various suppliers for the product they need on the Internet before making an inquiry. Therefore, it is also important in the B2B sector to appear in Google search and thus establish the first point of contact.

With our help, you will manage to make a very good impression even before a first interview.

  • International SEO

International success with SEO

If you are already present in the international market or plan to establish yourself outside of Germany, international SEO is crucial for your success.

What works in Germany does not always have the same effect in other countries. The search behavior of users can vary greatly depending on the country. To ensure that you also exist internationally, you should therefore get an SEO expert on your side.

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  • SEO for WordPress, Shopify & more

Successful SEO with any CMS or store system

Your website runs on a specific CMS and you don’t know how to implement your SEO strategy on it? Our experts will be happy to support you.

Whether SEO for WordPress, Shopware or Shopify, our SEO specialists will help you develop and implement a successful SEO strategy beyond the CMS.

SEO know-how for modern online marketers

Link Building FAQs

Which links are built by UnitedAds?

Links sind für das Linkbuilding von entscheidender Bedeutung. Doch nicht alle Links sind gleich gut geeignet. Schwache oder riskobehaftete Links können als Spam gewertet werden und so das Ranking Ihrer Webseite beeinträchtigen.

Qualitativ hochwertige Links hingegen, die beispielsweise in thematisch relevanten Beiträgen oder auf passenden Seiten auftauchen, sind wesentlich wertvoller. Je ausführlicher die Erwähnung, desto besser. Gleichzeitig ist es wünschenswert, wenn das Backlinkprofil ausgewogen ist und sich die verschiedenen Link-Arten unterscheiden.

What link building strategies are recommended nowadays to get strong backlinks?

Es lohnt sich, auf langfristige Linkbuilding-Strategien zu setzen. Schnell und hektisch Backlinks zu bekommen ist keine gute Idee – man wird sicherlich viele schlechte Links bekommen. Besser ist es, Beziehungen in der eigenen Nische aufzubauen, Kooperationspartner zu finden und Content-Marketing-Kampagnen durchzuführen, um an wirklich starke Backlinks zu kommen.

Diese Arbeit kann sehr aufwändig sein, aber so entstehen die besten Links für nachhaltig gute Rankings.

How important is link building for SEO?

Backlinks sind im Rahmen einer Suchmaschinenoptimierung von großer Bedeutung. Allerdings müssen heutige Linkbuilding-Strategien einige Kriterien erfüllen, um positiv auf die Positionierung des Rankings einzuwirken. Es genügt nicht mehr, Möglichst viele Links zu setzen – stattdessen muss man sorgfältiger vorgehen. Schlimmer noch: Ein zu rapider Linkaufbau kann gegebenenfalls sogar schädlich sein. Backlinks werden derzeit häufiger nach ihrer thematischen Relevanz und ihrer Qualität bewertet – Aus diesem Grund ergänzt UnitedAds das Linkbuilding durch professionelles Linkmanagement.

Jedes noch so gute Linkbuilding wird jedoch scheitern, wenn Sie Ihre Website nicht zusätzlich hinsichtlich anderer wichtiger (OnPage-)Faktoren optimieren. Noch viel schlimmer ist es, wenn Ihre Webseite Fehler hat (z. B. Keywörter-Spam, Thin oder Duplicate Content usw.). Dann wird Ihre Seite früher oder später stark an Rankings verlieren.

What principles should link building agencies work by?

Building backlinks nowadays does not work by placing your site on a link farm as often as possible. Google and other search engines are now very keen to provide users with the best possible results. This means that websites with a high number of bad backlinks will not appear as high in search results as they used to.

So, if you want to bring your website to the front and attract new customers, it is inevitable to rely on high-quality backlinks.

Each search engine has its own guidelines for webmasters, explaining exactly how to fairly work your way up the rankings as much as possible.

What does a good backlink profile look like?

Good backlink profiles contain many different, but topic-relevant sources.

Google now recognizes manipulated link profiles of websites very quickly and then ignores these links. If your website has links from pages that have been recognized by Google, this will not improve its ranking.

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