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Your advantages with an SEO Check from UnitedAds

Detailed & extensive

The SEO Check contains over 100 individual checks

Free SEO Analysis

Get important insights about your website for free

Helpful comments

The SEO check contains specific suggestions

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Discover your potential

With our free SEO Check we will show you the way to more inquiries, more sales and more income from your website.

We carry out a free SEO analysis for you. The results are clearly presented in the areas of content, SEO and technology. This allows you to immediately see the degree of optimization of your search engine optimization and the need for action.

Individueller SEO Check
  • Individual SEO Analysis

We find the weak points

In our SEO check we take a very close look under the hood of your website. Experienced SEO experts analyze every detail of your website.

With a detailed SEO analysis we show you the possible weak points of your search engine optimization and give you a clear guideline for the further search engine optimization of your website.

  • SEO Check Website

How to make your site fit for the crawler

Technical SEO optimization is an important focus of the SEO Check.

We check JavaScript websites, PageSpeed optimizations, geographic and linguistic targeting, crawling optimization or redirects for you.

We have the right answers to your technical SEO questions and after the SEO check you will know where to use the lever.

SEO Technik Check
Interne Lnks
  • SEO check

How to strengthen your website

Internal linking is one of the easiest and quickest ways to improve a website’s ranking, so it’s essential to have it optimally configured. Behind many SEO successes there is also a useful internal link.

In the SEO check, we check whether your internal linking is optimally configured.

  • SEO content check

Create appropriate content

“Content is King”, everyone knows by now. But only with a good structure will your content dig itself deep into the Google algorithm.

Do the SEO Check now and use the experience and knowledge of our experts to take first place in organic search results.

Benefit from our recommendations on how to structure your SEO content and understand better than your competitors how you should optimize your website for best possible rankings.

SEO Content Check
SEO Check Indexierbarkeit
  • SEO Check Indexing

Immediately identify key problems

Search engine optimization is also about making the crawler’s work as easy as possible and clearing the way for him through your web pages so that he can optimally index your content.

To do this, you have to implement the indexability of your website cleanly and without errors.

Our SEO Check provides you with a clear presentation of possible problems that you can then tackle immediately.

  • External links check

The way to better rankings

Many SEOs often forget that not only the incoming links are a ranking criterion, but also the outgoing links.

Do you link your websites in your subject area?
Do you only link high quality sites?

Our SEO check shows you clearly and comprehensibly whether your external link profile helps or harms you.

Markup Check
  • Markup check

Draw attention to yourself

With markups or even microdata, your posts in SERPs or your shared posts in social networks become even more interesting and attract even more attention.

With the so-called rich snippets you can add to their Google listings, ratings, reviews or even events. This happens with the help of generated HTML codes that are built into your website code.

Furthermore, you can use Open Graph tags to optimize your website for sharing on social networks. So you can set a display image, title and description of your page.

  • Meta Robots Check

Guide the crawler over your website

Controlling the crawler sensibly is an important task in search engine optimization. The main aim is to prevent duplicate content and only index HTML pages that should also appear in the index.

The Robots.txt provides the framework for the crawler here. Meta tags can give precise instructions on indexing for individual HTML pages. Canonicals prevent duplicate content from getting into the index. But only for a few pages the crawler control is systematically optimized.

Our SEO check shows you weak points and the need for action.

SEO Check Meta Robots

Der gratis SEO Check

Mit dem kostenlosen SEO Check von UnitedAds liefern wir Ihnen einen umfangreichen Einblick in die Optimierungsmöglichkeiten Ihrer Website. Unsere Experten zeigen Ihnen, welche generellen Baustellen es gibt und was für Potenziale bestehen.


Ausfüllen des Formulars für den kostenlosen SEO Check. Hierfür benötigen wir lediglich Ihre Website URL und Ihre Kontaktdaten.


Als Nächstes überprüft einer unserer SEO Experten Ihre Website und erstellt einen Report zum aktuellen SEO-Status.


Sie erhalten nach einigen Tagen das Ergebnis des Checks für Ihre Website. 

100% Gratis SEO Check

Wie gut ist Ihre Website wirklich?

SEO Check FAQs

How long does the SEO Check take?

Wir benötigen ca. 1-2 Arbeitstage für den SEO Check.

How extensive is the SEO Check?

Der SEO Check umfasst alle wichtigen Aspekte Ihrer Website und hat einen Umfang von ca. 15 Seiten.

Can I talk to an SEO expert about my check if needed?

Sollten Sie nach dem SEO Check noch Fragen haben, stehen Ihnen unsere SEO Experten natürlich gerne zur Verfügung.

Is the SEO Check really free of charge?

The SEO Check is 100% free of charge and absolutely non-binding.

We show you the weak points of your website in terms of search engine optimization completely free of charge and risk.

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