Google Analytics Audit

Google Analytics Audit

During the Google Analytics Audit, we check your Analytics account with regard to the most important aspects so that you can record and present your data correctly and sensibly.

Get clarity now with UnitedAds’ Google Analytics Audit.

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Dennis Franz

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Get clarity about your analytics setup


No detail is too small to be ignored in the analytics audit.


Only an analytic setup without errors delivers the necessary data quality that your company needs.


Our employees are continuously trained to enable you to have a setup that is up to date with the latest developments

Account setup and data quality control

We support you in consistently exploiting the opportunities that Google Analytics offers.

With the right plan to the goal

We analyze your individual requirements for web analysis and translate them into the optimal tracking scenario.

Checking the tracking

The basis of the Google Analytics audit is the review of the tracking concept and the tracking code. We determine whether your company records its data with a robust tracking concept and whether the tracking code has been configured and implemented correctly.

A Google Analytics audit is the best way to make sure you can trust your data. If you can’t trust your data, you won’t be using it. So now do a Google Analytics audit.

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Review of the account structure

With a sensible and appropriate structure of the Analytics account, you will get better data and reports and will spend less time interpreting your data. This is especially true for larger and internationally operating companies.

In the Analytics Audit, we check in detail whether the structure of your Analytics account is optimally aligned with the operational requirements of your company.

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Why you are one step ahead of your competition with our Analytics Audit

What are the blockers in your conversion process? How efficient are your marketing channels? What content are your users interested in and how do you behave? With the answers to these questions, you can significantly improve your ROI and noticeably increase sales. Invest in digital analytics and build an analytics structure that generates sales and earnings.

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Checking the links

Google Analytics is the control center for your data. Your reports will only be really meaningful with the right data sources.

Other Google tools such as Google Ads or the Search Console are among the most important data sources for many companies. That is why we check that all relevant Google tools and platforms are correctly linked so that you get a complete and consistent picture.

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E-Commerce Analytics Audit

E-commerce tracking is one of the most error-prone areas of Google Analytics. If you doubt whether your e-commerce analytics implementation is complete, correct and legally secure, then you should use our analytics audit.

In an intensive e-commerce analytics audit, we check your current implementation and show you what action you need to take. Get clarity now with the UnitedAds E-Commerce Analytics Audit.

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Review of campaign tracking

Campaign tracking is one of the most helpful reports when it comes to improving the efficiency of your marketing.

Even so, very few companies use complete and error-free campaign tracking. We analyze your concept and your setup and give you a complete and correct view of your marketing activities.

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Conversions Audit

Perhaps the most important part of the analytics audit. You will only receive the highly relevant data with which your company will make better decisions in the future if the goals are properly implemented in terms of content and technology.

We analyze the set goals and advise you on how you can get more out of analytics with better goals.

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Better results with a robust analytics setup

“Incomplete or incorrect tracking is the most common reason for unsatisfactory marketing performance.

In doing so, you had most of the tracking problems easily fixed. ”

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We ensure correct and consistent data

Discover all the ways analytics can help you turn data into insights – from robust tagging to intelligent data analysis.

Google AnalyticsAudit

  • Data Integrity: Is the existing data recorded correctly?

  • Data quality: Do the recorded data have sufficient informative value and are they helpful for your decisions?

  • Data maturity: Does the recorded data follow the strategic approach and is it suitable for sustainable optimization?

  • Data security: Are the recorded data securely stored and secured against unauthorized access?

  • Data protection: Are the legal regulations properly implemented?

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Optimize your marketing with analytics


How good is your data quality really?

We review your entire Google Analytics setup so that you can use the best data.

“Over 80% of the analytics integrations that we see are highly error-prone and deliver too inaccurate data for systematic marketing management.”

Dennis Franz

Marketing Consultant Expert
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