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At UnitedAds you pay no setup fee for your Google CSS Campaigns.

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With UnitedAds as your Google CSS PArtner you save 20% in every Google Shopping Ad Auction

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The UnitedAds CSS is trusted by many European retailers. We get you 20% discount on the Shopping CPC in Google Ads. Your €0.80 bid gets the value of €1.00. Increase the profitability and revenue of your shopping ad campaigns.

With a simple switch your campaigns become more competitive.

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Why work with a CSS Partner

You don´t work with a CSS partner for your Google Shopping advertising?

You will be paying 20% higher click costs than your competitor that advertises via a Google CSS partner.

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More Than Just Google CSS

For online marketers who use Google Shopping to target European markets, UnitedAds is an effective and efficient CSS solution that makes it simple for any merchant to get outstanding outcomes.

Unlike other CSS providers, our search marketing professionals offer a sophisticated array of Google Shopping management features, maximum level of control, and trusted client support.

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Get your bidding advantages for Google Shopping

To be EU compliant, CSS and (Google Shopping Europe) GSE must compete as equals in every Google Shopping auction. But because GSE must be profitable, it works with profit margins that make your bids weaker against CSS bids.

Working with a CSS, you will have up to a 20% bidding advantage that you can use to either increase your reach or increase your efficiency.

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Increase the Reach and Efficiency of your Google Shopping Campaigns

In modern marketing there is no way around Google Shopping. Practically every potential customer uses Google Search to find information about products and services and to find solutions to their problems.

As your Google Shopping Agency, we use this behavior to get the most out of your Google Shopping campaigns.

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More Leads, More Customers, More Sales For Your Business

We create campaigns that sell. Fast, efficient and with an ROI you will like.

If you want to achieve more revenue through the Google Ads marketing channel, then you should talk to us now.

Certified and experienced Google Ads professionals, will structure your account optimally and manage your ads so that you reach your target group precisely. The result: more customers, more leads, more sales

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Maximum Performance

Half measures are not our thing. We pull out all the stops to make your Google Ads campaigns a top sales channel.

We are convinced that we will change your attitude about what a good Google Ads agency can do for your business.

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Much More Than Just Campaigns

All the tools you need for more sales

With the display network, you can reach your customers on other websites and via YouTube, which is also the second largest search engine in the world.

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Google CSS for Merchants

Our CSS Price Comparison Network Shoptail helps big- or small merchants to get high quality just like Google Shopping. Thanks to our expertise in creating custom feed management solutions and Shopping Ad optimization we can deliver high ROI with minimum risk.

Contact us for more information and get your PLA listed via CSS now.

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As a Google Premium Partner Agency we are experts for digital marketing with Google Ads. We optimize and manage Google Ads campaigns according to your targets.

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Google CSS FAQs

What is a Comparison Shopping Service (CSS)?

A Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) is a website that allows users to search for and compare products, then redirects users to retailer sites to make purchases. In the European Economic Area and Switzerland merchants must work with one or more CSSs to begin placing Shopping ads.

CSSs work with online retailers to showcase their product offers on the CSS’s website. They offer various features to consumers, allowing them to search for and compare products offered by a range of shops.

Most CSSs also advertise their partners’ products on other channels to generate leads for them. Shopping ads on Google’s general search results pages is one channel CSSs manage on behalf of their customers. Some CSSs generate leads for you across a multitude of channels, while others offer programs dedicated to specific channels, including Shopping ads.

What is a Google CSS Partner?

The CSS Partner badge and the Premium CSS Partner badge are granted to companies in the CSS Partner program who have qualified for Partner status. Partners who’ve earned either badge can add it to their website, other online properties, and offline marketing materials to show that Google recognizes their company as a certified CSS Partner.

Do I need to work with a CSS to place Shopping ads on the Google general search results page in the European Economic Area & Switzerland?

Yes, only a CSS can place Shopping ads on the Google general search results page in the European Economic Area & Switzerland. You can use Google Shopping or any other CSS of your choice. You can also participate via one or several CSSs at the same time.

What type of merchants and retailers can benefit from working with Google Shopping as their CSS?

Google Shopping enables retailers and merchants of any size and type to place Shopping ads in the European Economic Area & Switzerland.

Will I end up paying more if my ads are being placed by different CSSs?

The fact that a merchant works with multiple CSSs won’t lead to Google charging higher CPCs.

How much an advertiser pays for an ad is based on the next best bid placed by a competitor. So if a CSS places a winning bid in the auction for one of your offers, Google calculates the cost of the click based on the next best bid for a competing merchant. Google ignores bids for any offers that also come from you. This means that whether one, three, seven, or even more different CSSs bid for you in the Shopping ad auction, the CPCs paid in the auction do not increase.

Google charges this CPC to the CSS who placed the winning bid on your behalf. Note that how the CSS ultimately invoices you for the click depends on the agreement you have with them. Some add a margin for their services, some charge fixed CPCs by category, and others charge commissions only if the click actually results in a sale. You can choose the CSSs that offer a model that is right for you.

Combining different models may allow you to benefit from different types of CSS expertise. One may have superior targeting strategies and thereby ensure higher conversion rates. Another may excel in helping you acquire new customers.

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