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UnitedAds helps BASF launch Glysantin in the UK with Google Ads

GLYSANTIN® has long been more than just an antifreeze: As a premium antifreeze from BASF, it offers protection against corrosion, overheating and also frost.

To reach new customers in the UK, UnitedAds analyzed search volumes and search behavior in this target market for BASF and developed search and display campaigns.

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Internationalization with Google Ads

UnitedAds supported the market launch in the UK with a Google Ads Search campaign for search queries such as “Engine Coolant”.

Brand awareness was further built up through a display campaign in the “automotive workshops” target group.

Remarketing campaigns on the search and display network supported the effectiveness of the overall brand launch.

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Successful B2B marketing with Google Ads

In total, more than 500,000 impressions in the target group were achieved in a short time.

The result was a significant increase in search queries in the “Branded Search” area.