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High Performance Landing Pages: More Conversions with SEO & Ads

Over 75% of our customers double their conversions within 6 months.

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Everything you need for more leads


Increase findability in search engines to attract more visitors and potential customers

Landing Page

Innovative, powerful and appealing website for your company that will increase your sales in the long term

Google Ads

Targeted advertising campaigns for broader reach and efficient customer acquisition

A/B tests

Continuous improvement of your website through targeted testing to achieve maximum efficiency and optimal results

Effective texts

Development of impressive content that appeals to and inspires your target group with pinpoint accuracy

Google Analytics

Conduct targeted A/B tests to evaluate different content and determine the best possible version of your landing page

  • Search engine optimized from the start

Top rankings in Google with SEO

Once you have made it to the top, this success will last for a long time, especially if you keep working at it continuously.

Profit with us from:

  • Many years of experience in SEO
  • Individual approach
  • Sustainable results for long-term success
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  • 15 years experience

Landing pages that sell

Increase your conversions by working with a results-driven landing page agency.

With focused and effective landing pages, you can achieve your marketing goals and improve the ROI of your campaigns

  • Maximum performance

We put your Google Ads campaigns on the road to success

Stop wasting your advertising budget by sending your visitors to the home page.

Our targeted landing pages are optimally aligned with your campaign goals and ensure the highest possible conversion rates.

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  • A / B tests

Success formula for convincing landing pages

Through targeted testing and comparison of variants, we find the most effective version of your landing page.

  • Performance improvement: Improve your landing page based on user data.
  • User-centric optimization: Customized content based on the preferences of your target audience.
  • Data-driven decisions: We base optimizations on concrete test results, not assumptions.
  • Up to 200% more turnover

Convince your customers and improve your order situation

Increase your customer base and win more business with our effective landing pages:

  • Outstanding presentation: We position your offer convincingly even in highly competitive markets
  • Inquiry booster: potential customers are encouraged to send you inquiries
  • Digital sales strategy: Our landing pages adapt to your process
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  • Google Analytics

Precise tracking for valuable insights

Use the comprehensive tracking features of Google Analytics to understand your visitors’ behavior and continuously improve your landing page.

  • Detailed analysis: Capture key metrics to gain comprehensive insights into user behavior.
  • Targeted customizations: Customize your landing page based on tracking results.
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Full Service Landing Page

We will create a free design proposal for you that is perfectly tailored to your business
After consultation we start the realization of the landing page and integrate it seamlessly into your processes
We integrate Google Analytics to monitor the performance of your landing page
Targeted A/B testing to try out different content and determine the optimal version of your landing page
We provide you with detailed reports on your Google Ads and SEO results to transparently show the success of your campaigns
  • Content

Generate more leads in a predictable way

Compelling SEO content doesn’t happen by accident – we create top-notch, thoughtful copy headlines that shine in Google searches.

  • Targeting for a higher conversion rate
  • Quick absorption of information through comprehensible, precise formulations
  • Increase the attractiveness of your website for visitors and Google

Advantages of our landing pages

DSGVO compliant

Secure handling of personal data for trustworthy and legally compliant interactions with your visitors

Responsive design

Our landing pages guarantee an optimal user experience, regardless of the device used

Fast loading times

Fast performance taking into account the core web vitals guarantees a user-friendly operation of your landing page

Tested contact forms

Our tested contact forms ensure effective and trouble-free communication with your prospects

Support from A to Z

Benefit from extensive UnitedAds support for your sustainable success

Flexible integration

Decide whether the landing page should be integrated into your website or hosted separately, depending on your processes.

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  • DSGVO compliant

Security and trust for your visitors

With us, your landing page is in compliance with data protection regulations and builds trust.

  • Building trust: We let your users know that their data will be handled securely and in compliance with the GDPR.
  • Positive brand perception: We show your customers that you take their privacy seriously.
  • Responsive design

Perfect display on any device

We design your landing page to look its best on all devices and provide your visitors with a premium experience.

  • Flexibility: Your site adapts to any display – smartphone, tablet or desktop.
  • Usability: With a responsive design, we ensure a pleasant user experience.
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  • Fast loading times

Seamless experience for more engagement

We optimize your landing page for lightning-fast load times so your visitors have instant access to your content.

  • Better user experience: Fast loading times ensure a smooth and pleasant browsing experience.
  • Reduced bounce rates: We prevent visitors from becoming impatient due to long loading times and leaving the page prematurely.
  • Optimal visitor approach

Forms that are used

Discover the efficiency of our sophisticated contact forms on your landing pages.

  • Targeted visitor approach: Specially developed forms promote the desired actions of your visitors
  • Higher conversion rate: Optimized design and precise questions increase your success rate
  • Seamless communication: Benefit from smooth interaction with your prospects
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  • Support from A-Z

Comprehensive support for a worry-free project process

From the initial idea to your landing page going live and beyond – we’re with you every step of the way.

  • Full support: We are there for you at every point of the project.
  • Continuous optimization: Even after going live, we continue to accompany and improve your landing page.
  • Time savings: You can concentrate on your core business while we take care of the details.
  • Flexible integration

We adapt to your web strategy

You decide whether your landing page will be integrated into your existing website or hosted separately on a powerful hoster.

  • Fast hosting: reliable solutions for standalone & high-performance landing pages.
  • Scalability: Whether integration or separate hosting, our solutions grow with your needs.
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Rocket Science landing page


Our landing pages are more than just a landing page. They are designed to attract new customers and generate more orders, even in markets with high competition.

To save you the uncertainty of designing your landing page, we’ve developed a process that uses AI-based tools to identify which aspects of your landing page are most relevant to your users before you publish.

World Class Landing Page


€ 4.500

  • More sales through higher conversion rates

  • Better traffic & new customers

  • Increased brand awareness

  • Simple processes

  • Fast results

  • 15 years SEO experience

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