Google Ads can do much more than you expect. The goal: More requests, more sales and more revenue for your business. In fact, we guarantee at least a 20% improvement in campaign performance, and with over 10 years of AdWords optimization experience, we can leverage and focus on the settings that really improve your campaigns.

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Google AdWords is one of the most effective and efficient advertising options available. Google AdWords is an essential part of any successful marketing mix, and no other form of advertising enables companies to reach potential customers in such a targeted way and almost completely avoid costly wastage. When used correctly, Google AdWords is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to achieve enormous reach in your target group for your company.

The experience of an AdWords agency pays off

We bring the experience of over 10 years of AdWords support and optimization to our customer relationships. We have probably worked for a company similar to yours before and can therefore work immediately on your success at full speed. Use our experience as a SEA agency to your advantage.

Our Google Ads support at a glance

Your campaign manager will discuss with you all the details needed to create successful AdWords campaigns, develop an excellent understanding of your goals and business model, and tailor campaigns to your target audience.  This helps us avoid wastage and maximize conversion rates right from the start.

To optimize the settings of your AdWords account, the current settings are compared with your goals and adjusted to achieve the goals faster and with the highest efficiency, focusing on the advertising network used, campaign type, ad delivery and bid strategy.

With automated bidding strategies and smart bidding, we control the bidding process so that you can achieve your performance goals in the best possible way. Different automated bid strategies are designed to help you achieve different goals for your business

Continuous control and optimization of the entire keyword portfolio is essential for successful AdWords campaigns. That’s why we continuously analyze the performance of your keywords and make the necessary adjustments. The basic principle is that powerful keywords should achieve more reach, while permanently weak keywords are excluded.

Systematic testing of all campaign components can be the decisive competitive advantage of your campaigns. With the experience of over 10 years of AdWords optimization, we apply the lever specifically and focus on the settings that really improve your campaigns.