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Unlock Your Growth Potential with Google

Experience up to a 200% increase in sales and attract new customers through Google’s platforms.

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Full Focus on the Google Platform

To thrive in the digital marketplace, a comprehensive online presence across all channels is essential.

We specialize in crafting seamlessly integrated campaigns across all Google platforms, designed to draw in more customers, enhance sales, and significantly elevate your earnings.

The Fastest Path to More Success on Google

The fastest way to more success on Google

Book your no-obligation consultation now and let us show you how we can generate new leads and more customers for your company.

  • SEO

Get found on Google

We assist businesses in attracting and retaining new prospects and customers through search engines. This is achieved by optimizing websites and formulating effective inbound marketing strategies, tailored to ensure success.

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Why SEO?

“There is no more efficient marketing channel than Google’s organic search results.

With a good SEO agency, companies can still rank well very quickly in most industries.”

Alexander Sperber

  • Local SEO

Get Discovered Locally in Your City

We help local businesses, local retailers and local service providers to attract and retain prospects and customers via search engines by optimizing websites and creating and implementing a successful local marketing strategy.

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SEO references

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  • More reach
    through international SEO
  • SEO in five
  • B2B search engine
  • SEO

Primetime Fitness

  • More local users
    through Local SEO
  • Better rankings through
    local landing pages
  • More reach, more customers
    through local SEO
  • Google Ads

We create Google Ads campaigns that sell

Put promotional ads in front of your customers when they search for companies like yours on Google Search

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Why Google Ads?

“With Google Ads, your digital ads appear on Google at the exact moment someone is searching for products or services like yours. There is no more efficient way to grow your business.”

Philip Thomisch

  • Google Ads

Generate more leads

We plan, start and optimize B2B Google Ads campaigns for more leads. Use our experience from hundreds of successful B2B Google Ads campaigns for your company.

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Google Ads Referenzen

  • Google Ads


  • Google Ads für den
    stationären Handel
  • Bis zu 15 Prozent mehr
    Ladenbesuche für Medimax
  • Mehr Frequenz in der Fläche
    durch Messung der Store Visits
  • Google Ads


  • Mehr Umsatz mit
    Google Shopping
  • 20% CPC Ersparnis
    durch UnitedAds CSS
  • Höherer ROI
    durch E-Commerce Tracking
  • Google Ads


  • Internationalisierung
    mit Google Ads
  • Mehr Markenbekanntheit
    durch Display Ads
  • Höhere Effizienz
    durch Remarketing
  • Google Ads


  • Internationalisierung
    mit Google Ads
  • Weltweite Awareness
    mit Display Ads
  • Über 15 Mio. Impressionen
    mit Google Ads
  • Google Ads

Electronic Partner

  • Internationalisierung
    mit Google Ads
  • Mehr Markenbekanntheit
    durch Display Ads
  • Höhere Effizienz
    durch Remarketing
  • Google Ads


  • Optimierung der
  • Optimierung der
  • Mehr Umsatz
    Lokal und Online
  • Google Ads


  • Verbesserte
  • Google
    Consent Mode
  • Nutzung von
    Google CSS
  • Google Ads


  • Verbesserte
  • Optimierte
    B2B Kampagnen
  • Optimierte
    Lokale Kampagnen

We accelerate your business with Google Ads

At UnitedAds, we can look back on a success story in which we have helped more than 1,000 companies like yours to achieve their goals.

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  • Google shopping

Increase Your Sales

Google is where people search for what to buy. Your ad can appear on Google right when someone searches for products like yours.

Our ads turn users into valuable customers.

  • Google Shopping CSS

Save 20% CPC on every click

Increase the profitability and sales of your advertising campaigns. We give you a 20% discount on the Shopping CPC in Google Ads. Your bid of € 0.80 receives the value of € 1.00.

With a simple switch, your campaigns will become so much more competitive.

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Work with the experts

If you are looking for a partner with experience and passion to help you succeed on the Google platform, then you should talk to us.

  • Brand Building with Google

Build your brand

Strong brands must stand out from the pack, have a purpose, be transparent in their use of data, and respond to changing customer needs.

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  • Google Analytics

Get to know your customers better

Get a deeper understanding of your customers. Google Analytics gives you the free tools you need to analyze data for your company in one place.

Analytics Case Studies

  • Analytics


  • Google Analytics
    für 15 Länder
  • Analytics Implementierung
    mit dem Google Tag Manager
  • Einheitliches Reporting
    mit Google Data Studio
  • Analytics


  • Datengetriebene
  • Erstellung conversion-
    optimierter Landingpages
  • Generierung von 100+
    B2b Leads/Monat

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