For our customers we reach new target groups, we ensure growth and more revenue.

We enable our clients to maximize their return on digital marketing ad spend through industry-leading machine learning technology.

We support your company actively in the acquisition of new customers and the development of your brand.

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We reach new target groups for our customers, we ensure growth and more turnover. We have been planning, launching and optimising successful online marketing campaigns for more than 10 years and can also support your company actively and successfully in the acquisition of new customers and the development of your brand.

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As a Google Premium Partner Agency we are experts for digital marketing with Google Ads. We optimize and manage Google Ads campaigns according to your targets.

All employees are Google certified ads experts. UnitedAds has all Google Ads specializations at its disposal. UnitedAds is also a member of the Google Partner Academy.

Take advantage of our competence and experience for your success.

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We always align all work to optimize your Google Ads account according to the best cost-benefit ratio for your company. We optimize your campaigns based on the following key figures: Costs per Conversion, Return on Investment, Number of Conversions

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  1. Over 10 years of experience with Google Ads
  2. Name references & high customer satisfaction
  3. Google Ads certified by Google since 2010
  4. Google certified specialists for Google Ads
  5. No standard solution, we individually take care of your campaign
  6. Conversion-oriented Google Ads Optimization as core competence
  7. No long contract, cancel anytime
  8. Transparency through individual monthly analyses and reporting
  9. We do regular A/B testing to improve the click rates of text ads
  10. UnitedAds is a Google Training Partner
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Ask these 10 questions, to get the best value from your Google Ads agency.

This isn’t a deal breaker, but an official Google Partner agency can make your decision very simple. You’ll know that they have some experience, knowledge, and follow the standard Google Ads best practices.

UnitedAds is Google Premium Partner.

The Google Premium Partner Status shows that we have demonstrated Google Ads skill and expertise by passing assessments and earning certifications. It also shows UnitedAds has met Google Ads spend requirements, delivered company and client revenue growth, and sustained and grown its client base.

Many Google Ads agencies do, so don’t get caught off guard. Any Google Ads agency should be up front with their minimums if they have them. If they have a high minimum spend, but your budget is quite low, them this might not be your perfect partner.

UnitedAds has no minimum ad spend. We welcome customers of any size and budget.

Some Google Ads agencies bill you based on your ad spend, some a flat monthly fee, and some based on estimated hours. Some Google Ads agencies have a combination for flat fee and percentage of budget spend. Make sure to have a good understanding of how you’ll be billed for Google Ads management time. Keep in mind that, in most cases, this is separate from your ad budget.

At Unitedads we have a low and transparent flat fee, so you always know how much you pay for our Google Ads management service

Before contracting a Google Ads agency understand what is included in your PPC management contract to avoid unexpected bills. As always, read your contract carefully before signing.

At UnitedAds we handle everything within your Google Ads account. Additional service are conversion tracking, dynamic remarketing or Google Analytics integration

If you are paying an ad budget, you should be able to see and track every penny that is spent within Google Ads. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In some instances, you’ll pay an agency a bulk sum and they will pay the ad bill to Google and not provide you actual spend. This is not in compliance with the Google third-party guidelines and you should be careful to work with somebody who does not respect these guidelines.

At UnitedAds we belive should have full access to every penny that is spent on ads, and be able to see how your budget is being used.

The total cost will depend on your company’s growth goals, your budget, your industry, and your timeline.  Some of our clients have been happy spending $1k-$2k/mo for the last 9 months on Google Ads, others have profitably scaled from $10k to $100k/mo. 

At UnitedAds, we prescribe each client partner a bespoke spending projection and services package that will hit your targets with the best results for your budget.

One of the biggest advantages of all online advertising is the ability to capture data on every action, no matter how small.

Ask your Google Ads agency if they will provide reports on a predetermined schedule, and if those reports are included in your management fees. Additionally, ask what is included in those reports. Will they include strictly data, or analysis of the data and expert recommendations as well?

At UnitedAds you will get weekly or monthly reports including expert feedback on the results and recommendations.

At a high level, any Google Ads agency should be able to discuss some initial PPC strategy ideas that can help your company reach the required business goals. Usually, a full strategy will come after you’ve chosen your Google Ads vendor. 

At UnitedAds we will give you a full Google ads strategy layout before you decide to work with us.

They may or may not give you actual client names, but they should be able to give some high level information about similar Google Ads accounts they’ve managed. To get the best value from your budget, be sure that your agency can handle your needs and requirements.

Not all Google Ads strategies are created equal. Some are much more advanced than others, some have a larger team to handle larger companies, and some offer to integrate your PPC advertising into a fully functional inbound marketing campaign.

This should give you an idea of how your account will be managed on a regular basis. Any agency worth its salt will have an internal strategy/process for Google Ads management that they can discuss at a moment’s notice. Our suggestion is to look for an AdWords agency that is always looking for ways to improve your campaigns – not one that sets the account on autopilot and forgets about it.

At UnitedAds you will get your own dedicated growth team. Your resourcing will include a strategist, and campaign managers – as well as our designers and Google Ads copywriters.  All working together to ensure you hit your growth targets through Google Ads.