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Google Tag Manager Agency
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  • Google Tag Manager Agency

Google Tag Management at your service

With perfect tag management using Google Tag Manager, we help your company achieve robust and privacy-compliant web and conversion tracking.

Your advantages with Google Tag Manager


With Google Tag Manager, you can implement tracking concepts much faster.


With Google Tag Manager you increase the security of your website or online store.


With Google Tag Manager, you can flexibly implement virtually any tracking requirements.

  • The Google Tag Manager

Use the power of tags

Online marketers want a tag management system that can be easily, reliably and quickly integrated into existing systems. This is exactly what Google Tag Manager offers. Launch your marketing campaigns faster than ever before.

Google Tag Manager is the tool to centrally manage all your tracking codes. Google Tag Manager shows its advantages especially in combination with Google Analytics, but is also the optimal tool for integrating third-party tags.

Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager Migration
  • Google Tag Manager Migration

Stress-free & easy migration with UnitedAds

We advise and support you in the implementation of Google Tag Manager with a detailed implementation plan, a sound analysis of your tracking requirements and a well-documented and transparent implementation.

This makes the implementation of Google Tag Manager an efficient and stress-free project with maximum benefits at low costs.

  • Google Tag Manager Audit

An end to chaos

Already using Tag Manager and not sure if you can trust the data? Doubt that your implementation is complete, correct and legally compliant?

In an intensive Google Tag Manager audit, we review your current implementation and show you the need for action. Get clarity now with the UnitedAds Google Tag Manager Audit.

Google Tag Manager Audit
Google Tag Manager Support
  • Google Tag Manager Support

Error-free data tracking

We help you plan, create and publish tag, trigger and data layers.

Track error free the data that really helps you make important decisions.

  • Your competitive advantage with Google Tag Manager

More flexibility for your advertising campaigns.

Efficiently add and update your own tags to better understand conversions, site analytics and more.

Tag Manager supports and integrates all Google and third-party tags.

We’ll develop a custom solution for you that will tangibly benefit your business.

Google Tag Manager Agentur UnitedAds
Google Tag Manager Agentur
  • Make data-driven decisions

Make better decisions

We create real competitive advantage by activating your data through segmentation, attribution, and customer lifetime value modeling, as well as meaningful analytics of your marketing channels and content.

We ensure that your company makes strategic decisions based on data, not gut feelings. This allows your business to grow faster and more profitably.

Optimize your marketing with Google Tag Manager
  • Simple tag implementation

Fast & secure with professional tag management.

Error checking, security features, and fast tag loading ensure all your tags work.

Tracking code integration has never been faster, more flexible, or more cost-effective.

Google Tag Manager Implementation
Google Tag Manager UnitedAds
  • Work across platforms

Save time and increase efficiency

Tag Manager works seamlessly with Google and third-party tags, so you can change tags on the fly.

Conversion tracking, simple remarketing and dynamic remarketing are fully supported by Google Ads.

Third-party tag templates simplify code publishing and help avoid errors.

Google Tag Manager Angebot

Everything you need for perfect tagging

We take care of the complete setup of the Google Tag Manager.

From setting up the account and containers, to the authorization concept, to creating the tags and triggers.

We create a comprehensive and consistent tracking concept or adopt an existing concept.

We create and maintain your tag and trigger schedule. This allows you to maintain an overview at all times and your tracking remains up-to-date, consistent and error-free.

Server-side tagging allows Tag Manager users to move measurement tag instruments out of their website or app and into server-side processing via Google Cloud. Server-side tagging offers some advantages over client-side tags:

Improved performance: Fewer measurement tags in the website or application means less code to run client-side.

Better security: Visitor data is better protected when collected and distributed in a customer-managed server-side environment. The data is sent to a Google Cloud instance, where it is then processed and forwarded through other tags.

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