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More qualified leads and US market entry for readers with Google Ads

Over 130,000 safety valves produced and more than 1050 employees make LESER GmbH & Co KG Europe’s largest manufacturer of industrial safety valves.

UnitedAds supports LESER in B2B lead generation via the website in Europe as well as in the USA.

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Internationalization with Google Ads and Bing Ads

UnitedAds helped LESER implement an efficient international SEA strategy via Google Ads.

The core task was to concentrate the paid traffic with regionally adapted and optimized advertising media via search engines on customers and service providers in the industrial sector.

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Worldwide Awareness with Display Ads and Youtube

After a joint analysis, the Google Display Network and YouTube were identified as suitable advertising networks. Due to the language orientation of the events and landing pages (German and English), four different campaigns were initially planned and created.

A total of 126 different advertisements were created and served.

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Impressive results

In total, LESER Training Break’s Google Ads campaigns achieved over 15 million impressions worldwide and resulted in around 250,000 clicks on the target pages.

The click rate (CTR) as an indicator of relevance and interest in the ads was extremely high for the display networks area with an average of 1.7%.