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Up to 15 Percent More Store Visits for Medimax

Medimax, a leading consumer electronics and household appliances retailer, operates 120 stores and an online shop, ranking it among Germany’s largest CE retailers.

Through strategic use of Google Ads and with support from UnitedAds, Medimax has significantly boosted sales both in-store and online.

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Measuring store visits after online interaction

What influence do online advertisements have on sales in the market? How can Medimax track the number of store visits that preceded an interaction with a Google ad?

To find this out, Medimax had to measure its campaigns properly in order to use the resulting data for better campaign targeting – this applies to both online and offline effects. Google Store Visits provided significant support.

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Which ads bring customers into the store?

Which advertisements bring customers to a Medimax store? This is a central question that Medimax had to clarify when evaluating advertising formats. The aim was to invest the available budget in the most successful advertising measures.

To do this, it first had to be determined how ad clicks and visible impressions affect visits to the markets.

The success measurement provided the crucial data about which ad formats, keywords and devices worked particularly well.

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Significant influence of placed advertisements on actual visits to the store

For the first time, online campaigns can be optimized not only according to e-commerce aspects, but also according to the performance in the store through store visits.

Around 15 percent of people who clicked a Medimax search ad visit a brick and mortar store within a month. For customers who were addressed on the move, the rate is even 18 percent.