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More international visibility for SIMATIC

SIMATIC is the brand for automation technology from Siemens.

UnitedAds has increased the global reach of the SIMATIC website with international SEO. With internal training courses, we have enabled Siemens employees to create content themselves in a search engine optimized manner in the future.

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Keywordrechrech in 8 languages

At the beginning we perform a keyword research in 8 languages.

This resulted in content optimization for a total of 15 countries. The content was revised based on the relevant search terms and led directly to better ranking and more reach in the relevant countries.

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Technical search engine optimization for corporate website

As part of the technical search engine optimization, the problems and errors of the website were first analyzed and divided into categories with different priorities. This included in particular the ref-lang tags as well as the canonical tags.

means of project management, the necessary optimizations were planned and tracked, so that very rapid improvements became visible.

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Creation of an SEO dashboard

In order to secure the long-term ranking, a dashboard was set up that communicates all important SEO KPIs transparently and easily understandable.

  • Creation of a coordinated process for the distribution of SEO-relevant information
  • Implementation of quality assurance for SEO relevant content
  • Installation of feedback mechanisms through meaningful and easily understandable SEO dashboards
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SEO Trainings

In order to enable Siemens to take over search engine optimization independently in the long term, several individual SEO training sessions were held for all employees involved.

In addition, individual checklists were created to further improve the quality of in-house search engine optimization.

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