• Google Analytics Integration

Lufthansa AirPlus

With AirPlus, over 50,000 customers worldwide have the entire business travel process under control.

To ensure that marketers in all countries have access to centralized and consistent target group and conversion data, UnitedAds has implemented Google Analytics for Lufthansa Airplus in 20 countries.

  • Definition of marketing KPIs

Consistent marketing KPIs

All employees should have access to high-quality, consistent, and up-to-date data, in a format they can easily understand and use to make decisions.

To do this, the team first agreed on universal metrics to measure campaign and product performance and respond quickly to market demand.

  • International Roll Out

Google Analytics implementation with properties and data views for 15 countries

The international Analytics Properties and Data Views were configured centrally by UnitedAds to ensure maximum consistency and comparability.

  • International Roll Out

Tag management with the Google Tag Manager

By centrally creating and managing the marketing tags with Google Tag Manager, the international roll out was accelerated by 80%.

In addition, local marketing managers were put in the camps to create and publish individual marketing tags (e.g. for tracking local advertising campaigns) themselves.

  • International roll out

Establishment of KPIs for marketing and product performance

In order to standardize the campaigns and goals internationally and make them comparable, the marketing KPIs of the countries were standardized in several workshops.

In addition, new KPIs were introduced and their relevance for the company’s success was explained.

  • International Roll Out

Development of Data Studio dashboards for strategic marketing decision making

To make the new metrics internationally available and easily accessible, UnitedAds created country-specific marketing dashboards using Google Data Studio.

Per online conference, the use of the dashboards was explained in all 15 countries.